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Your daily newsletter for October 9, 2018
“Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.”
- Nathaniel Hawthorne
Happy Tuesday fellow CoinMarketCap-ers! Today's newsletter marks the 50th edition of our daily newsletter! 🥂 Oh how time flies. Thank you all for your continued support. We really appreciate the viewership, and will continue striving to produce good content for you all. 😊

In today's newsletter, we will be covering Binance's latest announcement, Binance Labs' investment in a smart contract and blockchain audit startup, and South Korean messaging application Kakao's proprietary blockchain testnet.

Hope you enjoy today's newsletter, and don't forget to answer the polls down below too! Happy reading! 📚
Come through! 🙏
BTC is currently trading at ~$6,634, up ~0.57% from yesterday. BTC closed above the 50-day EMA line yesterday, and seems to likely be challenging the key overhead resistance line formed from BTC's formation of lower highs since early March this year, tomorrow. Hopefully, the momentum BTC has been picking up from its short run formation of higher lows since 17 Sept will be able to push it pass that resistance line. 🙏

Total market capitalization currently stands at ~$219.8 billion, currently up ~$1.5 billion from yesterday. Most of the other cryptocurrencies are experienced gains in the ~1-3% range. 📈
Transparency is always appreciated
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has recently announced that it will now disclose all cryptocurrency listing fees and donate the funds to charity. 💰

In an official blog post, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao wrote that token projects seeking to be listed on the exchange will continue to be allowed to propose their own listing fees, and that Binance will not dictate such fees or impose a minimum pricing level. It will also donate all listing fees to its charity division, the Blockchain Charity Foundation, essentially making all future listing fees donations. 👍

Zhao also went on to add that the donation size does not "guarantee or in any way influence the outcome" of the exchange's listing review process.
Securing blockchains
In other Binance related news, the investment arm of Binance, Binance Labs, has invested an undisclosed amount in a smart contract and blockchain audit startup called CertiK, that was founded by a professor at Yale University and another at Columbia University in 2017. 🤝

CertiK seeks to help secure smart contract and blockchain platforms through a formal verification process, in which mathematical proofs are applied to networks to objectively determine whether hackers can breach the systems. This verification process "a layer-based decomposition approach, pluggable proof engines, machine-checkable proof objects, certified decentralized application libraries and smart labeling." 👮
Making progress
Ground X, the blockchain development arm of the South Korean messaging application Kakao, has launched a testnet for 10 invited partners for its proprietary blockchain called Klaytn. 

The Klaytn blockchain uses the concepts of "consensus nodes (CNs)" and "ranger nodes (RNs)" to effectively scale and maintain transparency. Ground X claims the block propagation interval in the testnet has been reduced to less than one per second and offers throughput of up to 1,500 transactions per second. 🤯

The Klaytn mainnet is set to launch in the first quarter of 2019. 👀
Other news
  • Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez has announced that new passport issuances in Venezuela will cost citizens two "Petros", an amount worth 7,200 bolivars, essentially forcing Venezuelans to pay for their passports with the government-backed "Petro" cryptocurrency. 😠
  • The United Arab Emirates intends to introduce new rules in the first half of 2019 that would permit domestic firms to raise capital via initial coin offerings (ICOs), as an alternative to traditional methods such as IPOs. 👍
  • Blockchain startup Oasis Labs is teaming up with the likes of Accel, a16z crypto, Binance Labs, Pantera Capital and Polychain Capital to launch a new technology startup incubator that seeks to help firms build "privacy-first computing on blockchain" platforms. 🤖
Poll of the Day
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What you said
"On a scale of 1-10 (10 being most shocked), how shocked were you at what happened right after the Khabib vs Mcgregor fight at UFC 229?"

The average vote was 3.9. With how personal the build up got, I guess it was to be expected. 😔
"Was Khabib in the wrong for attacking Conor's teammates after the fight? What are your thoughts?"

You guys said:
Not, they deserved it. 
Nope, it was fine.
Should've done worst. - Conor was definitely wrong for going after Khabib's family and religion, but in my opinion Khabib should not have let his emotions get over him after the fight. He is after all, a professional. Doing what he did was unsanctioned violence, and it put many of the audience members at risk. 
Jumping out of the cage and starting a melee right after the fight was 100% foolish and an embarassment, coming from a fan of 17 years. Khabib won from start to finish, then lost it all in the end, he was so close after controlling his emotions for months then lost it after it was all over. Dumb. - I couldn't agree more. He should've left it where it was meant to be left at, the octagon. 😞
"Who were you rooting for, for the fight?"

62.5% voted "Conor Mcgregor."
37.5% voted "Khabib Nurmagomedov."

"Did you expect Khabib to win?"

62.5% voted "Yes."
37.5% voted "No."

Khabib even wrestled bears as a toddler back in Russia. 😲 He was born to fight. It was an utterly dominant performance by Khabib. Very impressive, and it showcased the sheer difference in ground game between the two. 👏
"Who is your favorite UFC fighter of all time? Why?

You guys said: 

Khabib Nurmagomedov. - The unbeaten, the 27-0, the 'Eagle'! 🦅
Tough to pick one but i would go with Robbie Lawler. He is a Pat Miletich original, one of the biggest hearts for fighting ever, puts on some of the best fights in all of fight sport history and seems like a real nice guy. Old school like andrei arlovski who is in my top 3. - Robbie is a beast. My favorite fight of all time was between him and Rory Macdonald at UFC 189. That was an all out war. 💪
Anderson Silva. - The 'Spider'! 🕷️

Thank you all for reading! See you back here again tomorrow!💙💙💙
See you tomorrow!
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