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Your daily newsletter for October 16, 2018
“The only normal people are the one you don't know very well.”
- Alfred Adler
Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope Monday didn't go too badly. This fine day also happens to be John Mayer's birthday! 🎤 He is the singer, songwriter and musician who is known for hit songs like "Gravity", "Your Body is a Wonderland" and "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room". 🔥

In today's newsletter, we will be covering Fidelity Investment's new digital asset company, Coinbase's new office in Europe and Sony's digital rights management blockchain system.

Hope you enjoy today's newsletter, and don't forget to answer the polls down below too! Happy reading! 📚
What goes up must come down
BTC is currently trading at ~$6,600. It fell back within the Bollinger band (between +/- 1 standard deviation from the 20-day SMA line) and is also trading within the 50 and 100 day EMA lines, a region it was last in just 5 days ago before the huge sell off. 

Follow up on the Tether (USDT) rumors...
Binance dismissed rumors that it was going to delist USDT. Its founder and CEO, Changpeng Zhao, addressed the issue in a tweet and called the rumors "a single photoshopped fake announcement." 🚫

As for the rest of the cryptocurrency space, the total market capitalization is at $211 billion. Volume has dropped from ~$22.1 billion to ~$14.4 billion, and BTC dominance remains at ~54.1%. Notable mover of the day is Tezos (XTZ), currently up ~8.22% very possibly due to its cryptocurrency exchange Kraken listing announcement. 📈
We've been expecting you
The 4th largest asset manager with $7.2 trillion assets under management, Fidelity Investments, is launching a separate company called Fidelity Digital Asset Services. 💰

Fidelity Digital Asset Services will assist investors such as hedge funds and family offices in handling and storing cryptocurrencies and in executing trades across multiple exchanges, all as part of its custodial service. For now, its services are only available to institutions such as hedge funds, endowments and family offices but not to retail investors. 🤑

According to the Chairman of Fidelity Investments, Abigail Johnson, this move is to help make "digitally native assets, such as bitcoin, more accessible to investors" and "make this emerging asset class easier for our (their) clients to understand and use". 👨‍🏫

Although cryptocurrency custodial services is not already uncommon in the space, Fidelity's entrance into the game is the first Wall Street incumbent to provide cryptocurrency solutions, which could very well prompt more big firms to follow suit. 😄
Normal precautionary measures
Coinbase is launching a new office in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. This launch is to cater to the customer growth within the EU, and to serve as a backstop against the U.K.'s potential exit from the EU, also known as "Brexit". 👍

In the case of Brexit, Coinbase still needs to continue servicing their EU customers, and according to the person leading Coinbase's U.K. efforts, Zeeshan Feroz, Ireland is the country of choice for them to do so. 

According to Martin Shanahan, the CEO of IDA Ireland, the agency responsible for the attraction and inward foreign direct investment into Ireland, Dublin is a "talent hotpot" and he looks forward to helping Coinbase access its "talented pool of young professionals from the technology and financial services sectors." 🤗
Streamlining processes
Japanese electronics firm, Sony, has developed a new blockchain-based digital rights management system to more efficiently streamline and manage copyright-related information for digital content which is traditionally manually handled. ©️

Through the platform, users can share and verify information such as date and time of creation, authors' details and automatically verify the rights generation of a piece of written work. The range of digital content the platform can support include ebooks, music, video, virtual reality content and more others. 😲

Sony is currently assessing and deliberating whether to commercialize the system as a service. 😊
Other news
  • Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx is currently rolling out 4 new U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoins to its platform for trading. The 4 stablecoins it will be adding include TrustToken's TrueUSD (TUSD), Circle's USDCoin (USDC), the Gemini Dollar (GUSD) and Paxos Standard Token (PAX). 💲
  • Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has also announced it will list the 4 U.S. dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies this week. 😄
  • The initial test of Ethereum's forthcoming software upgrade, Constantinople, failed when the security lead for the Ethereum Foundation discovered a bug that caused two different iterations of the same software upgrade to run on the testnet. Ethereum community lead, Griff Green, expects the mainnet activation to happen in 2019. 😥
Poll of the Day
How likely will more big financial institutions like Fidelity Investments start to get involved in the crypto space in 2018? 💭
And...name a company that you think will have the most impact if it enters the crypto space. Why? Share with me in the polls! 😆
What you said
How much do you agree: "I am good at handling unexpected situations."

The average vote was 8. Pretty good! 😀
"How can someone improve at being able to handle unexpected situations? What are some of the ways?"

You guys said:
Join Toastmasters - I heard joining is not only fun, but very beneficial! 🥂
Be open don’t put all your eggs in one basket don’t get excited about things until it’s in your hands - Truth! 👌
Indica - Hmmm 🤔🌲
Prepare your mind and thoughts to be flexible before hand, make a plan, but be able to change it according to the situational moment. step back, relax, deep breath, clear your thoughts for a moment. take a 10 minute nap if necessary it really helps. then deal with issue, be creative, think outside the box and seek another opinion without being offended. think " macgyver" like. use whats available to get it done. -  Great tips!
This will come with time. but one thing is sure believe in yourself & give it your best, don't fear for negative outcomes.. what ever will be the result it will be best.. - That's right! Do not fear failure, as it can be a great learning tool. 👨‍🏫
"Tell me about a time you handled an unexpected situation well."

You guys said:
A very angry coworker situation ended me with hugging it out. - Sorry, but I found this really funny. 😂 I'm glad everything turned out well!
When u trade crypto everything is considered as unexpected situation. - Gotta roll with the punches if you're in this space. 👊
Driving home up a narrow 2 lane hwy, right on time for my first appointment, hit a large rock in the road as i was following another big truck which concealed the danger till it was to late to take evasive actions, so as the tire blew out i found a safe place to pull over as the dashboard lit up with red alarms. totally unexpected and critical at the moment of impact. when safe i called AAA, rescheduled my appointments as i was waiting, then continued with the days schedule as AAA guy got my tire replaced in about an hour and i was back on my way, only about 2 hours behind said schedule in total for the day. git er done' - Wow, you're really quick on your feet! You handled that situation really well. 😊
Thank you all for reading! See you back here again tomorrow!💙💙💙
See you tomorrow!
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