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Listing Cryptocurrencies on Exchanges Worry-Free

Cryptocurrencies are gaining a lot of popularity recently – and with popularity, comes many businesses looking to enter the field. Blockchain is attracting many legitimate businesses looking to apply the technology to their products, but at the same time many less savory characters have also started schemes to scam projects and investors. These days, they do so mainly by spoofing emails or creating fake identities.

Spoof emails have become a popular practice in a scammer’s toolkit. It is a technique in which a scammer sends an email from any working SMTP server, setting the “from” email to whichever exchange or influencer he wants the user to receive the email from. If this email doesn’t get flagged as spam by the receiving inbox, the project developer will see that the email was sent from that exchange.  If it seems legitimate enough, a developer may then process payment and the scammer gets away with it.

The other way, creating fake identities, usually goes like this: The scammer creates a fake LinkedIn profile and adds relevant people who may be interested, and then waits for a response. When someone accepts the add or contacts them, they propose for the team to pay a fee to be approved for listing, and sends a spoof email. Once they receive the payment, they delete that profile or stop responding.

If you want to verify the legitimacy of an email, send a message  and wait for other party to respond. Contact an official representative of that exchange, and ask for the exchange’s email. Email the correspondent directly, and ask that person to reply that email.

With these technical tricks, investors and companies can find it very difficult to spot scammers, as there is lack of information and reporting about these illegitimate players. When a project developer does get scammed, however, they may become extremely wary of all service providers, and consider all future offers they receive on email or Telegram as scams – thereby losing the benefit of some great services that might have helped them further develop their projects.

Picture1.png (GOE) is a one-stop solution aimed at project developers to help them get listed on multiple exchanges. It keeps projects away from the scammers attempting to swindle project developers in the name of helping them list on top exchanges, or purporting to help them get reviews by popular YouTubers.

GetOnExchange has partnered more than 25 exchanges including OKEx, HitBTC, KuCoin, LBank, and more, as well as YouTubers from different regions reviewing crypto-related projects. Project developers can simply use GOE after raising their ICO rounds to get listings and reviews, and keep their businesses safe from scammers.

Some exchanges can also be risky to work with. In the past, some exchanges, many of which offered free crypto listings, closed down due to hacks, and took all investor and trader funds with it. Exchanges can also be hard to evaluate, as it is hard to do the full breadth of due diligence to know who operates it and if they have proper safeguards in place. Hence, factors such as exchange age, number of followers on social media, and actual users and volume, are important metrics to consider when looking to list on any exchange. Additionally, in order to be listed on CoinMarketCap, a project will also need to be on at least two exchanges which are already listed on the site; this helps users to monitor such exchanges’ volume and performance over time, and is the minimum requirement to properly calculate each project’s volume.

When planning to list on an exchange, projects not already listed on CoinMarketCap will need to note a few things, such as:

  1. How many months has the exchange been fully operating?
  2. How many Twitter, Facebook and Telegram followers does the exchange have?
  3. How quickly does their support team respond to issues? Support is extremely important; if you find an exchange’s support service is quick, and able to solve all traders’ related concerns, issues, and bugs adequately, then you can consider listing on that exchange.

Listing on top exchanges is based on review and listing is possible only when an exchange approves your project for listing. plays an important role here in helping projects find the right exchanges according to their service and operating region.

Please email GetOnExchange for more details or check their website for more details.

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