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Your daily newsletter for December 19, 2018
Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.
- Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Happy Wednesday, y'all! Thank you all for the feedback and suggestions in yesterday's poll. 😀 Just wanna let you know that your voices are heard, and we will try our very best to implement some of the changes you guys wanna see! At the end of the day, this newsletter is about you and so we want to give you what you want. 👍

Today in history (2012), Park Geun-hye was elected President of South Korea and became the nation's first female chief executive. Later in 2017, she was jailed and formally charged with abuse of power, bribery, coercion, and leaking of government secrets. 🤯

In today's newsletter, we will be covering crypto data startup Nomics securing $3 million in a Series A funding round,  2 South Korean government ministries launching a blockchain pilot project and Atari Inc. to publish blockchain versions of their famous game titles like Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch and Goon Squad.

Please don't forget to answer the polls down below too! It's a great way for us to interact with you all and hear what you have to say. 💭 Happy reading! 📚

Double-kill 🔫
We're on a roll guys. ✊

Total market capitalization is up yet another sizable amount, currently standing at ~$122.7 billion for a ~$9.2 billion gain for the day. Most coins are up in the ~5-15% range. Notable movers of the day are BCH, WAVES and STRAT, each up 30%, 48% and 52% respectively. ETH also finds itself back above $100, currently trading at ~$103. Days like these sure makes me reminiscent of the Dec '17 bull runs.  🤑

BTC is up ~7.8% and is currently trading at ~$3,780. It is also finally trading above its 21-day EMA line for the first time after 35 days! RSI levels have shot up from ~28 to ~47.5 in the last 2 days, indicative of some bullish momentum finally building up. Did Christmas come early? 😊 The next few days will be interesting to watch as BTC just broke out of its recent short term bearish pattern. 👀

Gas pumped ⛽
In a Series A investment round, Crypto data startup Nomics secured $3 million in funding from investors including Coinbase Ventures. 💰 Led by Arthur Ventures, the round also saw CoVenture Crypto, Digital Currency Group, BitGo co-founder Ben Davenport, CityBlock Capital, King Capital, Polymath and TokenSoft participating. 👍

Nomics CEO and co-founder Clay Collins said the team is looking to provide “gapless data,” for crypto asset indexing, which normalizes the information to account for different time zones, ticker symbols, offline market protocols and other data variations. Nomics has already indexed more than 3.5 billion data points, and sees roughly 35 million API calls each month, according to provided figures. 😲

Preliminary trials 👁️
2 South Korean government ministries - the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, and the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries have launched a blockchain pilot project to see if the tech can help the nations container shipping industry be more efficient. 🚢

Starting this month, the trial will be conducted at the major southern port of Busan over the next year. Through blockchain tech, the project is aims to increase transparency between parties in the shipping process, allow real-time sharing of information and ultimately improve import and export business operations. 👀

In 2019, the government may be doubling the number of blockchain pilots in the public sector, and also plans to support at least 3 private-led national blockchain projects. 💪

Timeless classics 🌟
Renowned game maker Atari Inc. announced a license agreement with Animoca Brands Limited, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, giving it the rights to produce and publish blockchain versions of the famed Atari mobile game titles Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch and Goon Squad in most territories around the world – excluding Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Macau. 🕹️

The move represents a significant leap for blockchain game development, as the titles in question are some of the most iconic titles in existence - RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch has logged over 19 million downloads globally. 😲

Besides the license agreement, both partners have also engaged in a memorandum of understanding to develop strategic partnership to in exploring mutual opportunities in gaming, product development, blockchain and other areas. 🤝

Other news 📰
  • U.S.-based venture capitalist Tim Draper has invested $1.25 million in Bitcoin payments processor OpenNode. 💲
  • Overstock.com’s investment wing, Medici Ventures, has acquired a 29.6% stake in digital tokens representing 3.6 million shares from Chainstone Labs. 💰
  • In a recent podcast, the CEO of BitMex Arthur Hayes said that he believes that 24/7 trading of all types of assets is the future. 🔮
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On a scale of 1-10 (10 being sorely missed), how much did you miss bullish days like these? 💭
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"On a scale of 1-10 (10 being great enjoyment), how much do you enjoy reading this daily newsletter?" 💭

The average vote was 8.7. Thank you all so much! I aim to please. 🙏🏻

"What do you enjoy about it? What would you like to see changed?"

You guys said:

It's informative and creative and will probably change as the creator sees fit with the great feedback he gets. Nice work. - Thank you kind soul! 😊 The aim here is to provide you all with a condensed and neutral daily summary of the crypto world so that you can stay informed and make better decisions should you choose to invest! 👍
I actually really like the quote and "today in history" stuff at the top of the email! But I also like the market analysis and the crypto deep dives! Good stuff and pretty succinct. - Thank you, our job here is to provide useful tidbits of information. Glad you like the content! 😬
Very informative - Arigato. Hopefully the information is useful to you!
Every part.. OT enable notifications on your iOS app do keep us posted on new listing, and things like hourly BTC price & market domination, total market cap etc... through the notification.. - We have a Telegram channel for more timely updates on listings etc. Do check it out! 👀
It's a solid source of information with out being bombarded with offers. I'm all for email marketing but not in every issue, especially in a daily newsletter. - I sure can relate to that. 🙄 Those are really annoying, and definitely far from what we have been doing/ will be doing here. Rest assured that this newsletter will never go down that route. 👍
I’m sure I can change it but I wake use wc go on porch light a cig and open cmc newsletters, my eyes are all watery and blurry in the am, print kinda small - So happy to hear that the newsletter is part of your daily routine. 😂 As for the font, do try reading it on a laptop, it's way bigger there! 🧐
Highlight what the new coins are that you are listing on Coinmarketcap. Just a brief rundown on what they are doing and where they are listed. Maybe how young they are or who some developers are behind the project. Not any reccomendations on buying it or selling but just an overview. - Thank you for your suggestions. It will definitely be looked into. 👌🏻
As a beginner to the crypto world, I love how it's informative and easy to digest. - An aim of the newsletter is to also help beginners ease into the crypto space, so that there don't get left out in this revolution. ✊ We will definitely be exploring more ways to cater to newbies whilst continue to appeal to the more advanced audiences. 
Short and clear information - We try to keep things as succinct as possible here so that the information is easy to digest. No one likes a wordy newsletter. 👎
I greatly enjoy the legitimate news that you publish. Please don't change a thing. - Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm very very happy that you enjoy it, as it does take quite some work. 😭
Very informative. Keep it up your doing great. THANKS! - No thank YOU for your continued support. It's a great pleasure of mine knowing that my content can be of use to you. 😊
I think at the moment nothing, is simple, fast, concise and above all enjoyable and short and you always know that the good thing if it is short, better, congratulations - Cheers! Your kind words motivate me to want to produce better content. 💪
What do you enjoy about it? - Rundown of the most important news (developments) from those knowledgeable - Also, the deepdive of certain projects. What would you like to see changed? - More smileys 😉 - The key here is to keep you guys abreast on the main blockchain headliners of the day and provide a general direction on where the markets are heading towards. 
Less emojis - Noted!

"What else would you like to see in upcoming newsletters?"

You guys said:

Your picks for gains - Hahaha, I can't do that. 😂 The best I can do is present you with unbiased/ neutral information so that you can make a decision! 🔮
Future prediction - We tend to refrain from giving an opinionated view on what tokens will do well, as we pride ourselves on being neutral. Instead, we prefer to present information with no particular sway such that you can make informed decisions on your own! 👌🏻
Not 100% sure honestly. I like the current length especially for a daily newsletter. One thing that is kind of bothersome is the heavy emoji usage lol. Some are fine here and there (especially cute when replying to people's poll results) but using them all over the place is a bit much IMO. Don't stop using them altogether though! - Noted! 
Crypto History section.. and also bring on the swag / freebies guys u are 100 days old.. - We are working out the legal kinks on this! Rest assured we are looking into this. 👍
More nudes, bitcoin calendar girls - Send nudes 😂
Information on big events coming up like BAKKT - A calendar on big crypto events...That is a great idea. It is noted and will be reviewed! 😉
I just want to thank you for the terrific newsletters which are a part of my morning every weekday (even if I don't always have time to answer the polls)! - It is my pleasure. I'm so honored that I get to speak to thousands of y'all through this newsletter each day, and your continued support continues to inspire me to want to produce better and better content. 🙃
Please define some of the terms used in this crypto game. - "A blockchain term for the day" section is in the pipelines. We are definitely looking into this as it would greatly benefit new bloods of the space! 😋
More information on new coins. Just a blurb. - Noted!
You are doing a great job! - Aww thank you!!
Like the great news and insights - Appreciate the nice words. 

Thank you all for reading! Catch you back here again tomorrow for your daily dose of crypto news! 💙
See you tomorrow!
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