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Mi amor
There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.
- Friedrich Nietzsche
Happy Valentine's Day you lovebirds! 💑 Remember to cherish and appreciate your significant other, wherever they may be. May you all get lucky tonight! 😀 And to those who are single on this fateful day, remember that the power of the human brain is limitless - even a loser can conjure up an imaginary valentine anytime. Just kidding! You know I love ya! 😂😘

Today also happens to be the birthday of the late activist and author, Frederick Douglass! He was an escaped slave who became a national leader of the abolitionist movement in Massachusetts and New York. He would have turned 201 today! 💪

In today's newsletter, we will be covering Nasdaq adding Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) indices, how Coinbase Wallet users will soon be able to back up their 12-word recovery phrase and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) to launch a blockchain-based payments network by the first half of 2020.

Please don't forget to answer the polls down below too! It's a great way for us to interact with you all and hear what you have to say. 💭 Happy reading! 📚

Retrace 📉
In the past 24 hours, markets retraced a little and total market capitalization dropped from ~$121.2 billion to ~$120.5 billion, with most coins seeing losses in the ~1-2% range. 24 hour volume is at ~$20 billion, a level it has maintained throughout the week thus far.

BTC is down ~0.4% over yesterday, and is currently trading at ~$3,620. The retracement after the spike on 8 Feb which followed up with a rejection at the 50-day EMA line on the daily chart, is looking to lead to BTC testing the 21-day EMA support line once again. RSI levels on the daily chart has dropped from ~57 to ~51.2 since then, indicative of slight bearish momentum building.

Tracker ✍️
Starting 25 Feb, stock exchange operator Nasdaq will be adding indices for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to its global data service. 😲

The company has partnered with New Zealand-based blockchain data and research firm Brave New Coin to launch the Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX) and the Ethereum Liquid Index (ELX) that will offer a “real-time spot or reference rate”, refreshed every 30 seconds, for the USD price of 1 BTC and 1 ETH respectively on its consolidated data feed, the Nasdaq Global Index Data ServiceSM (GIDS). 👌🏻

According to Nasdaq, both the indices are calculated using a methodology that has been “independently audited” against the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) principles.

Tiered defense 🛡️
According to an official blog post, Coinbase Wallet users will soon be able to back up their 12-word recovery phrase (private key) on the personal cloud storage platforms Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud. 😊

The backup will be encrypted with AES-256-GCM encryption and accessible only via the Coinbase Wallet mobile app. Users will only require a password to access the cloud storage backup and decrypt it.

According to Coinbase, it will not would be able to access to users’ passwords or funds at any time, and neither will the cloud service providers be able to do so. Users will be able to opt in for the feature in the Coinbase Wallet app on the next update in a few days. 👀

Inevitable step 👍
Japan’s largest financial group Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) is looking to launch, in collaboration with U.S.-based fintech firm Akamai Technologies, a blockchain-based payments network by the first half of 2020. 👌🏻

According to MUFG, the Global Open Network platform, will be capable of processing over a million transactions per second. It will also be eventually integrated with internet of things (IoT) and Akamai’s cloud computing platform. 🤖

The new venture required an initial capital of $2.26 million, with MUFG having an 80% stake and Akamai the remaining 20%.

Blockchain term of the day 🤓 - Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

A Turing-complete virtual machine that enables execution of code exactly as intended; it is the runtime environment for every smart contract. Every Ethereum node runs on the EVM to maintain consensus across the blockchain.

Other news 📰
  • Pharma firm Boehringer Ingelheim will be trialing the IBM blockchain in Canada to raise the quality of processes and records in clinical trials. 🧐
  • Japanese firm, GMO Internet, has reported an operating loss of nearly $12 million for its crypto business in 2018. 🤯
  • Reality Shares ETF Trusts has withdrawn its Reality Shares Blockforce Global Currency Strategy ETF just days after submitting the proposal. 🏳️
Crypto calendar 📅

TBA     - ICE's Bakkt Bitcoin Daily Futures Contract updated launch timeline
TBA     - SEC's ruling on VanEck Bitcoin ETF application

Catch the CoinMarketCap team at these community events! 🤝

25-26 Feb   - Crypto Assets Conference (Frankfurt, Germany)
27-28 Feb   - Trescon Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
4-8 Mar       - Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019 (Hong Kong)
13-14 Mar   - Token2049 (Hong Kong)
Poll of the Day
How much do you agree with this statement: "I believe in eternal love" 💭
Why do you say so? Did you remember Valentine's Day without our reminder yesterday? 😂 Share with me in the polls! 😆
What you said
On a scale of 1-10 (10 being maximum excitement), how excited are you about Valentine's day tomorrow?

The average vote was 5.4. Lol not as high as I expected. 😂

"Why or why not?"

My Valentine is 300 miles away😢. - Oh noo, that sure sucks. Well, absence makes the heart grow fonder. So when you guys do finally meet its gonna be 💣!
My wife and I spend an unhealthy amount of time together,work,home, bathroom, married for 21 years.🤪 I also am a little frustrated with myself she misplaced her wedding ring I did want to get her but, if I answered the question yesterday you’d know I’m the patron saint of procrastinating - 21 years?! That's like an eternity. Good on you guys, I'm so happy for you both! While I do think that some time alone is super necessary and healthy, I think that many would kill to be in your position. Getting to work from home AND be with the love of your life?! That's a privilege alright. 
What??? Tomorrow??? I need to put my wife in cryogenic sleep until February 15! - Bro, you have no idea how much I laughed at this comment. You had me in stitches. Totally made my day. 😂
Super excited.. - I guess someone's getting lucky tonight eh 😉
Not particularly my bag but understand that my better half loves it etc.. - Make him/her happy on this special day! 👌🏻
Because I Am Abundantly Loved 💗💫🌟 - Best feeling in the world. 💓
An ordinary day for me...but damn sure will treat my wife to the moon and back...she loves surprises...Happy Vals Beryl! - You are a great guy, sir. Here's an additional present for you, Beryl. A virtual rose! 🌹
I love my colleagues Frank, Toon, Axel and Arisha! They mean the world to me - Shoutout to them! 🗣️
Money-grab - Come onnn, it's good to celebrate every now and then. 😊
Its all about love for the wifey and for crypto. And you, all those millions of followers of coinmarketcaps newsletter. - Tell me about it. You guys are awesome. I hold you all very close to my heart. 💕
what's the point of all those "days", like valentines, christmas etc??? to buy crap and fake caring of eachother, like other days are less important for caring eachother. bs! - Wow you sound like the grinch. 😂
I’m not excited at all because I don’t have a Valentine. Maybe next year? - Look on the bright side...You won't have to burn a hole through your wallet! 💸

Thank you all for reading! Catch you back here again tomorrow for your daily dose of crypto news! 💙
See you again tomorrow!
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