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CMC family, this is our 150th newsletter edition! 🥂 Thank you all for the continued support. I want you all to know that without it, this newsletter just wouldn't be. It brings me so much joy that I get to engage with you all on a daily basis, about an industry I so strongly believe in. I will continue to strive to produce the best content possible. ✍️ Okay, enough of that sappy stuff. Time for the newsletter! Seriously though, thanks for tuning in. 💓

Today also happens to be the birthday of the American singer-songwriter, guitarist and actor, the late Johnny Cash. To date, he is still one of the best-selling music artists of all time, and has sold more than 90 million records worldwide! 🎤 He would have turned 87 today. 

In today's newsletter, we will be covering Coinbase Pro added support for XRP (XRP), a group of central securities depositories (CSDs) in Europe and Asia looking to collaborate on infrastructure for custody digital assets and an Australian financial regulator to trial blockchain technology that automates the reporting of cross-border transactions by institutions.

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Slow and steady 👌
Over the last 24 hours, total market capitalization rose from ~$127.1 billion to ~$130.2 billion, with most coins either seeing gains or losses in the ~1-4% range. 24 hour volume dropped to ~$29.8 billion, but continues to maintain at relatively high levels compared to previous weeks. 👍

BTC is currently trading at ~$3,855, up ~0.35% over yesterday. The recent sell off was unable to push BTC below the 50-day EMA line on the daily chart. As a result, BTC continues on its current pattern of forming higher highs and higher lows since mid Dec '18. RSI level on the daily chart is also out of the oversold region, and is back to more reasonable levels (~53.3). 😊

Added support 👐
Crypto exchange Coinbase's professional trading platform, Coinbase Pro, is providing support for the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, XRP (XRP). 

At the moment, only Coinbase Pro customers in the U.S. (excluding New York state), U.K., several EU nations, Canada, Singapore and Australia will be able to access XRP. Support for other jurisdictions will likely be added in the future. 👌🏻

While there is currently no firm timeline for launching support on Coinbase's retail platforms such as and its iOS and Android apps, the exchange typically launches cryptocurrencies for its non-professional users within a few weeks of launching support on Coinbase Pro. 

Time to get serious 😠
A group of central securities depositories (CSDs) in Europe and Asia, comprised of organizations with decades of experience guarding stock certificates, are looking into how to potentially collaborate on infrastructure for custody digital assets, and will be presenting the findings of their working groups at the annual SIBOS conference in London in October later this year. 🙌

The group of CSDs came together under the International Securities Services Association (ISSA) last year as part of its crypto-asset initiative, and has since doubled in size to over 30 participants. Key participants include the National Settlement Depository (NSD), Belgium-based Euroclear, Swiss stock exchange SIX, and the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX). 😲

According to the head of innovation at the NSD of the Moscow Exchange Group, Artem Duvanov, “a new world of tokenized assets and blockchain is coming" which will "probably disrupt our [their] role as CSDs". As such, "the whole group decided we will be focusing on tokenized assets, not just blockchain but on real digital assets.” 😊

Viability evaluation 🧐
An Australian financial regulator, the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), has partnered with the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne to trial blockchain technology to automate the reporting of cross-border transactions by institutions.

Both parties will work together to build a prototype, and examine how blockchain and smart contracts, as well as other technologies, can help entities such as banks to automate the reporting of international funds transfer instructions (IFTIs) to the AUSTRAC. 🧐

The trial started back in Dec '18, and will run for a year. 

Blockchain term of the day 🤓 - Scrypt
An alternative Proof-of Work (PoW) algorithm to SHA-256, used in Bitcoin mining. Scrypt mining relies more heavily on memory than on pure CPU power, aiming to reduce the advantage that ASICs have and hence increasing network participation and energy efficiency.

Other news 📰
  • Crypto non-profit, the Fusion Foundation, and the Automotive eXchange Platform (AXP) are partnering to bring the U.S. second-hand car market and its insurance and financing to a blockchain. 🚗
  • Accenture has announced a prototype blockchain-based supply chain app designed to reward business practices that conserve natural resources. 🌲
  • South Korean crypto exchange Coinbin has declared bankruptcy, in part due to claimed embezzlement by a former executive. 🤦‍♂️
Crypto calendar 📅

31 Mar  - U.S. SEC's initial decision on the NYSE Arca and Bitwise Asset Management's Bitcoin ETF application
5 Apr    - U.S. SEC's initial decision on the VanEck, SolidX and the Cboe BZX Exchange Bitcoin ETF application
TBA      - ICE's Bakkt Bitcoin Daily Futures Contract updated launch timeline

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I’m new so it was exciting. I just had to keep the FOMO under control. It’s the first time I’ve really experienced it after reading about it quite a bit. It’s a REAL phenomena! 😂 - Glad to have you along for the ride! And yes, never let the FOMO get to ya! 😂 Good job resisting this time!
Buy in the red and not in the green, so you my collect your profits in between! - Gotta paste this somewhere on my wall haha 😂
oh it was terrific. when bitcoin rises u can feel the adrenaline rush.. - A feeling like no other. 😋
didnt have too much helpful information - There's always information if you look hard enough. 🧐
🚂 I think we can, I think we can - We definitely can, mate! 💪
Buy, sell, profit, repeat! - All day err day. 💰
I like to gamble.....I am a short term investor. - It doesn't always have to be a gamble. 
it was profitable - Congratulations! 🤑
Because I did not FOMO in above 4300 and waited until today and more fiat in at 3800. Actually bank made me wait but still glad. - Serendipitous! 😊
I earned some extra money - That's always pleasant! 😊
The roller coaster is back! Nearly gave me a bloody heart attack on Sunday morning, but this looks more like a market which you can actually trade. Better alive than dead! - Tell me about it. We have been waiting for so long. It was nice to see markets alive and kicking for a change. Watching markets tumble over the last year with such low volumes have been ☠️ and 😴.  
Enjoyed the short bull run while it lasted... some ounce of positivity in the markets at least... - The signs point to it being manipulated, as we broke above the $4,000 mark with no supporting news on a Saturday, and shortly after saw such a steep drop back down and continued movement with low volatility as if nothing happened. T'was strange. 😉
It is so good information - Yup! 
LOST MONEY - Oh no! 😔 Don't worry you'll get it back. 👌🏻
I enjoyed watching the value of my crypto holdings increasing, but not the steep decline. Every little bit counts. - True. 
I enjoyed it as much as having a heart attack - Hahahaha, this is crypto! 😂
Very informative - Indeed.
Active market, volume increase. all this may give rise to the market soon - It'll definitely take some time, but its a good start! 

Thank you all for reading! Catch you back here again tomorrow for your daily dose of crypto news! 💙
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