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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Crypto Event

The young blockchain industry is facing rapid growth through research, blockchain summits, conferences, and networking events. These conferences come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. The crypto world is changing at a faster rate and it is important to keep up with the updates. Attending a blockchain conference or summit can help you achieve that, but you need to be equipped on how to make the most out of a crypto event.

The statistics are flattering, to say the least. More than 60 events were held in January alone and more than 400 events are expected to be hosted over the course of this year. It is a tall order and somewhat impossible to get to them all. However, attending even only one conference can be the ticket you need to get closer to your ‘target’ in the industry.

What is important is the art of selecting the event to attend and what you need to do when you’re there.

Know that industry conferences work in your favor as they help you to network, gain new skills, learn new trends, and make new connections among other benefits.

Getting the most out of a crypto event

Getting the most out of a crypto event is a multi-stage process. It starts before the event, extends to how you carry yourself during the conference, and what you do after the event.

What to do before the conference

Conferences are usually attended by hundreds or even thousands of people. One of the best ways to maximize your conference is to gain visibility before the event. Conferences offer opportunities for you to be a presenter, session facilitator, or any other role. Get in touch with the event organizers to see if you can play a more prominent role.

Speaking at an event or doing something that average attendees don’t do puts you in a prime position to meet more people and unlock business opportunities.

Conferences offer you the opportunity to meet new people as well as others from the past. Use this as an opportunity to reconnect or network. Reach out to them and set up a time you can meet for a chat, coffee, or meal during the event.

Many professionals have built relationships on media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., attending the same event and having a good chat may strengthen your working partnership and land you new opportunities.

Lastly, be organized. Get your business cards ready.

At the event

1.       Select the most suitable session

There are usually several sessions at a conference. You may not be able to attend them all. You should look at the whole conference schedule and pick out the sessions you believe will be the most beneficial to you.

You may also find that the session you have attended is not exactly what you thought it would be. Feel free to skip it and move on to the next one. You have limited time and the trick is to use the time wisely so that you get the most out of the conference.

Try to make it a point to attend sessions attended by industry leading figures. Their words carry a lot of weight in the industry. This also gives you a sense of the direction the industry is taking.

2.       Connect with speakers

Speakers at the event are mostly key experts in the industry and these are the people you want to be connected with. Hang around after the presentation and tell them that you loved their presentation. People love compliments and it is one of the proven ways to get into other people’s circles. However, be sincere and do not go overboard – you may actually put them off.

Try to get hold of their business cards and ask a couple of questions.

3.       Network and attend social events

Conferences are great but social events are even better. While conferences are used as a way of sharing information, social events provide a way of networking in a more relaxed manner. These events are important. Make time for them. While socializing, you do not need to cut short a conversation simply because you need to get to the next session.

Networking is important and is the number one reason why some people attend conferences in the first place. Make it a point to meet new people that help you advance your career or garner funding for your crypto project.

4.       Organize your notes

The events can run for a number of days and there is no way you can remember all the information flowing into your head.

Write your notes in an organized manner that makes it easy for you to remember. Write the key points from each session and whether you would like to do any follow-ups on the topic or get in touch with the speakers.

5.       Listen and pay attention

It is easy to get distracted because you need to constantly look at your mobile devices to tweet about the event or respond to incoming emails. Use your mobile devices at a bare minimum and make time for physical interaction with the people around you. They are the reason you are there in the first place.

After the event

A lot of things happen during the event and you can unlock more opportunities for yourself by making friendly follow-ups.

After a week, you can send follow-up messages to the people you met and tell them how the event was. Setup a face-to-face meeting with people you think can play an important role in advancing your career or project you are working on.

Share the information you gained at the conference with your colleagues. This could help your crypto company to reduce costs, enhance productivity, or simply reorganize your working space so that it is conducive to your team.

If your company sponsored your attendance to the event, they will appreciate your efforts and know that their money was not used in vain.

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TEAMZ Blockchain Summit, an annual event held in Tokyo, is on a mission to unite the crypto ecosystem and traditional finance, institutions, and investors. They want to help you network and build strong relationships through their two day blockchain summit and renowned Red Carpet Gala.

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