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DeFi: Seamless Payments with Totle

Decentralized finance (DeFi): The industry of financial services built on the blockchain for the purpose of removing consumers’ dependency on the banking system, enhancing financial security, and expanding consumers’ financial capabilities.

DeFi services offer users complete control over their finances. Some of the most noteworthy benefits include stronger security, increased financial flexibility, greater transparency, and high liquidity.

These services have the potential to make paying for products and services easier than ever before.

The Top Projects in DeFi

Organizations are collaborating to create tools that are making DeFi possible. Some of the top projects include:

MakerDAO’s stable coin, DAI, which is challenging the preconception that cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile.

MetaMask’s browser wallet which is proving that funds can live inside a browser to offer an unparalleled level of convenience.

Totle’s API which removes the development barrier of adding token trading functionality into projects while guaranteeing the best prices on the market.

SALT’s lending platform which allows consumers to originate a loan without needing to interact with a bank.

Request’s Network which enables pre-authorized invoice payments for trustless compensation scheduling.

The world is about to gain a series of financial instruments that will completely revolutionize payments.

The Seamless Payment

One of the most ambitious goals of the DeFi sector is to create seamless payment.

A seamless payment occurs when consumers and merchants no longer need to agree which currency a payment should be sent in. The consumer generates the payment in the currency of their choosing while merchants would receive the payment in the their preferred currency.

This means wallets would have a catch-all functionality where regardless of the currency that’s being sent, merchants receive the currency they prefer to operate with.

The payment would happen instantly, with the highest level of security attainable and the lowest fees available.


To achieve a seamless payment, developers can use Totle.

Currently, wallets operate with conflicting infrastructure making seamless payments difficult. Totle solves this problem by enabling all wallets to interact with an API that guarantees the necessary liquidity for seamless conversions, and at the best price available.

Become a Totle Investor

By investing in Totle you’re supporting the development of an infrastructure tool that solves a problem the majority of DeFi products will need to overcome.

Join the Totle crowdfunding campaign. Contribute to get equity and support the emerging sector of DeFi.

To get updates on Totle, follow them on Twitter, join their Telegram group, or reach out to Totle directly.

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