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Challenging Veteran Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchanges at Utomarket

Offering competitive trading conditions and a wide range of services to satisfy the needs of demanding clients as they evolve

The Chinese cryptocurrency exchange industry experienced a hard blow in 2017 when the government introduced a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies and ordered that all trading platforms for digital assets should cease operations. The share of Chinese exchanges in global cryptocurrency trading reduced significantly, but the industry survived, with new players now popping up.

Utomarket is one of the players that are challenging the industry heavyweights with its secure, transparent digital currency trading platform and a wide range of online trading services for cryptocurrency traders around the world.

The team behind Utomarket has many
years of experience in the cryptocurrency and gift card industry. The company
was established in 2017 with the aim to connect cryptocurrency traders.  

This Hong-Kong-based exchange operates in 248 countries over the world, offering a commission-free platform for buying and selling Bitcoin and secure cryptocurrency wallet services around the clock, Monday to Sunday. In order to bring convenience to cross-country transactions, Utomarket supports more than 200 trading methods, including gift cards!

How does it work?

Utomarket operates like a P2P trading
platform where buyers and sellers find each other and make transactions at an
agreed price. The exchange provides professional technical and customer support
and ensures the security of the deals. Meanwhile, advanced features and
enhanced security sets it apart from other solutions.

After an easy registration process
users are encouraged to verify their real names to unlock full functionality
and get a certified trader status. The verification process takes about one
hour. Once it is completed, they may choose a counterpart to buy or sell
Bitcoin. Utomarket will store the traded amount of coins and release it to the
buyer once the seller receives the payment.  

What makes Utomarket different?

  • Zero fees and free registration. Users do not have to maintain cash deposit. Sell orders are allowed with at least 0.02BTC in a wallet.
  • Over 200 trading methods. The exchange supports various payment options to satisfy the needs of global users. The most common methods include National Bank Transfers, Alipay, WeChat Pay, gift cards to name just a few.
  • Fast wallet service. The proprietary Bitcoin wallet works 70% faster than most of the mainstream solutions.
  • Low withdrawal fee. The platform charges 0.00005BTC for Bitcoin withdrawal requests to external wallets, while the confirmation takes 5 minutes on average.
  • Cross-platform solution. Utomarket has native fully functional apps for all popular devices and operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

In short, Utomarket allows for
seamless P2P trading with no hassle and a free, fast and secure service that is
available on multiple platforms and supports various payment methods for

To learn more about Utomarket or to register an account, visit the official website of the trading platform, or subscribe to social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to stay updated with the latest news.

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