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Bitcoin 2019 Is Coming

By Bitcoin 2019

As crypto winter begins to thaw and the frost starts to melt from the leaves of the token forest, a renewed sense of excitement is beginning to build in the Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin has survived another down cycle of “mass hysteria,” “death spirals” and “China bans.” It was called “rat poison squared” by the most prolific investor of this millennium, “a scam” by the CEO of one of the largest investment banks in the world and a “speculator’s death cult” by a mainstream tech blog.

Despite all the recent cynicism and misinformation directed toward it, Bitcoin is still here, ready to begin its next, biggest growth cycle. It remains unwavering in its underlying principles of decentralization, antifragility and censorship resistance. We at BTC Inc are excited to help contribute to Bitcoin’s growth, particularly at this critical time. Dedicated to incubating the BTC community, the Bitcoin 2019 conference will be held on June 25 and 26 in San Francisco. Bitcoin 2019 is our attempt to provide users, developers and the industry at large with an annual expo where we can collaborate, learn and inspire each other.

The conference is a homage to Bitcoin 2013, the first major Bitcoin conference ever — a magical moment when the Bitcoin community was unified and nerds filled the hotel lobby until the early morning while dreaming about what Bitcoin could become. This sense of shared wonder and spontaneous commitment to realizing Bitcoin’s potential is a critical part of rekindling the BTC community.

Bitcoin 2019 is exclusively focused on Nakamoto-consensus Bitcoin, referred to as “BTC.” All people are invited to participate as long as they are there to talk about BTC. Bitcoin 2019 is not a “Bitcoin maximalist” event or even an “anti-any-other-crypto-or-fork” event. It’s just a BTC event. The focus is on moving past scaling debates to talk about how we can improve the Bitcoin we have today without breaking consensus. The content will be focused on Bitcoin’s potential and identifying goals that the community can rally behind. As part of this focus, we will welcome old and new faces, representing a diverse range of ideological views, to each check their past baggage (and bags) at the door and rediscover what unites us.

From the biggest miners and most active core devs to Fortune 500 companies and anarcho-capitalists, Bitcoin 2019 will seek to unite the Bitcoin community in an industry-wide event.

Leading up to the conference, we will be hosting the Bitcoin Games, a virtual hackathon for both developers and creatives. From a “Growth Hack” with the goal of creating the best “Bitcoin Super Bowl commercial,” to a “Lightning Hack” with the goal of building new applications and infrastructure atop Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, to a just-announced, first-ever “Liquid Hack” with the goal of helping create some of the first great projects using Blockstream’s Liquid Network, the Bitcoin Games really will be a first-of-its-kind hackathon for the Bitcoin space. Stay tuned for more announcements around it!

During the conference we’ll have wide-ranging content, plenty of opportunities for networking and both official and unofficial parties. One more thing: this is a drama-free zone. We don’t want to hear about your Bitcoin 2.0 protocol and we don’t care about what has been said on Crypto Twitter in the past. This is an opportunity to focus on what excites all of us. It’s time to bring Bitcoin to the forefront of the global conversation and it’s time to make Bitcoin fun again.

So come join us for this can’t-miss gathering of the Bitcoin space! Tickets are going fast and once we’re sold out, not even Satoshi himself will be able to get a ticket.

See you there!

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