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Opacity Storage: Handling Your Privacy with Crypto

Opacity provides encrypted file storage that maintains your privacy by never requiring personal account information

Technology Has Become Really Convenient! Right?!?

It has been clear for some time that online technology trends have been focused on ‘learning’ about you and compiling as much data as you are willing to share. Of course, this is all in the name of making your life easier and providing more convenience. 

Do you search for pet food? Search engines will gladly show you a dog food ad with a coupon. 

“How convenient!” 

You text some photos to your friend, Judy, about some clothes you like? You’ll likely start to see more clothes in ads with that style and color – and so will Judy. 

“Ok, well, I guess Judy won’t mind. We have a similar style.” 

You post vacation photos and stories on social media? They now know you’re a parent with 2 children, that you can afford a vacation in Cancun, and that you enjoy jet-skiing — and they can and will share all this data with other companies that really want to know all about you!

“Wait, now this is getting creepy!”

Many in the public have been willfully blind to this vast collection of data, allowing social media and technology giants to use and abuse their data; sensitive data including names, addresses, social security numbers, personal contacts — just about anything and everything — even when you didn’t consent!

The Privacy Problem

The data starts to accumulate, preferences are inferred, connections with your friends and family are documented. The data is passed around behind the scenes without you knowing. Is it protected and secure? Do you think everyone that has access to the data has the best intentions in mind?

Here’s a short list of some of the major data breaches in just the last few years:

  • Yahoo: 3 billion user accounts
  • Marriott: 500 million customers
  • Equifax: 143 million consumers
  • Target: 110 million customers
  • Facebook and Cambridge Analytica: 50 million profiles shared
  • And many, many more…

There’s a high likelihood that you have used at least one of the companies listed. Unfortunately, it seems that your private data is not safe with any of them.

Opacity Starts with You…

Our mission at Opacity is to break the cycle of requiring personal data in order to provide you a valuable service. Opacity maintains your privacy by never asking for personal information. We believe your personal data should never be provided in the first place, so you can’t become a target for hackers and third parties. 

To accomplish this, Opacity has created a private Account Handle, which is your private key that only you hold to unlock your data. By combining your Account Handle with confidential payments using our ERC-20 token, OPQ, both your payment and your personal information stay anonymous and are never tied to your activity with Opacity.

Additionally, your Opacity account files are not associated with your Account Handle. Each file can be shared with a private File Handle that will never connect to you, the account holder.

You are in complete control of your private data at all times.

…And Continues with the Technology.

By default, Opacity uses 256-bit encryption as soon as you start to upload a file. Your browser encrypts, slices the files, and sends them directly to Opacity’s servers making sure that your data is secure from beginning to end. 

Our OPQ token is the ideal payment method for private and secure data storage. OPQ allows you to pay for storage without providing personal details that credit cards require such as your name, address, or email. Additionally, 1 OPQ equals 64GB of storage, so you can easily quantify the value of our storage plans compared to other storage providers. 

By utilizing a native storage token that supports user privacy and never connecting your account data to your files, Opacity is delivering on our commitment to private data storage for everyone.

Opacity. Handle Your Privacy.

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