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A Day in the Life with the CoinMarketCap Team

(Featuring the mighty CoinMarketCap app!)

Morning in East Asia, 7:00 am

The alarm clock shrilly rings to signal a new day. Still half asleep from staying up late as the schedule of a community manager often dictates, Eric brings himself to re-enter a conscious state. He reaches for his cellphone, rubs his eyes, and with anticipation building from recent market activity, pops the CoinMarketCap app open to check his crypto portfolio. Not bad. Crypto might be entering a new season after all, with Bitcoin leading the way in a string of upward hikes. These days, anything can happen and by anything, we’re referring to the public’s penchant for those lanky green candles.

One touch on the app’s home button presents the top-ranking cryptocurrencies of the day. Eric glances at the top 20 or so projects that are leading by their market cap, to identify any changes or newcomers on the list. Nothing drastic has happened, so he proceeds to get himself ready as his daughter’s designated chauffeur. While on the road, he plays new YouTube crypto videos that range from technical analysis to the news. Then braking in front of the school, Eric says goodbye to his daughter and like a jet, off she goes. As he observes the scene of children entering the school juxtaposed with incoming streams of digitized information, he can’t help but wonder how much of crypto and blockchain will be relevant, or how seamlessly it will merge with society in the future.

Now, with the car parked back in the garage, Eric’s morning routine veers into the atypical. He doesn’t hold a typical job with traditional work hours, and he’s not working in a conventional office setting. So as the aroma of coffee infuses through the living room, he sits back to read every single community chat message (numbered in the thousands) and responds to questions that have been asked from the other side of the world while he was sleeping.

The CoinMarketCap app’s Discover page is where readers go for trending news articles. Eric reads with the aim of creating news-worthy content, and to engage the community on CoinMarketCap’s social media channels. The app also delivers news articles that pertain to the cryptocurrencies users have in their portfolio, so they can receive headlines in the area of their interests. 

By mid-morning, his biological clock signals it’s time for a nap. Due to the nature of his work, a second sleep is actually a wise decision, which serves as fuel for the rest of his day (and night). Eric also wanted me to share another app tip with our crypto community members. The app, he says, has a “compare cryptocurrency” feature, which “allows users who are trading between BTC and other cryptos to make comparisons based on price, market cap, and volume. When crypto summer comes around, you’ll see that Bitcoin gets pulled out to buy other cryptos, and is later traded back to BTC again.” If you haven’t stopped by our community chat yet, feel free to say hello to Eric here. And if you’d like to get interactive news delivered straight to you on Telegram, you can do so here.

New Jersey, at Noon

When lunchtime rolls around, Matt, CMC’s UX/UI lead briefly steps away from work and into the kitchen. Today’s meal, a Mexican chicken rice bowl calls for an impressive ingredient lineup: fresh corn off the cob, cilantro in abundance, lime juice, diced tomatoes, an avocado, chicken, white rice, and a drizzle of olive oil. Sautéing the chicken and seasoning the rice, he proceeds to combine the ingredients, and sits down for a healthy, fragrant meal.

A product manager at heart, Matt is constantly looking to optimize productivity. His Trello board skills help him plan and re-plan his days and weeks according to the ever-evolving project developments presented by the engineering and marketing teams. As the designer of the CMC app, Matt uses analytics to comprehend the app’s performance. Data often reveals what verbal feedback does not, and serves as a major source for figuring out product improvements and bug fixes. Currently, expanding the number of languages available on the app is a consideration, such as for Russian, Chinese, and Spanish.

Just a few minutes before meeting with Alejandro, the iOS developer, a price alert notification appears on his phone, signaling that a coin he’s interested in has gone up by half a dollar. He doesn’t jump to buy right away though; it’s got to climb up another $0.50 before he’ll take any action. If he wants to track his crypto more closely, he simply sets up multiple alerts with his own price parameters. The app is a big timesaver, since crypto holders no longer have to fixate on the screen for updates throughout the day; CoinMarketCap’s app delivers that info directly to its users.

In the meeting with Alejandro, the discussion is centered around tasks, feature parities, and bug fixes. Their next plan is to launch a portfolio holding option, so he speaks with the software engineers to get their thoughts. And by “speak”, Matt messages or meets on video calls, as 99% of CoinMarketCap’s internal communication is handled. His special tip for CMC app users? The currency converter feature is one of the strongest ones out there.

Occasionally there are some cryptocurrencies he wants to keep a casual eye on without having to set alerts. For that purpose, there’s the sweet star icon he uses to bookmark various cryptos and view them in the watchlist. That’s what tech products should be about; rather than requiring users to modify their behavior or jump through extra hurdles to use them, they should simplify the information process and integrate into a variety of lifestyles.

On a Plane, 7:00pm

As the aircraft circles inward for touchdown, the glimmer of lights below signals the start of a New York City evening. Carylyne, Chief Strategy Officer has reached an all-time high with her travel record this year, attending conferences and meeting with partners worldwide. Tonight, she’ll hit the ground and head to a dinner to discuss CMC’s DATA Alliance. The sentiments expressed towards this have been positive, as institutions and individuals alike are eager for more industry standardization. DATA Aseeks to establish accountability and increase trust from current and prospective partners in the crypto and blockchain space.

En route to the restaurant in a taxi, she is accompanied by a mandatory dose of NYC traffic and opens up the CMC app, utilizing the 24H candlesticks to examine OHLCV rates. Crypto has been garnering more attention and for good reason; the crypto market cap seems to be making another comeback. Shortly after arriving in Soho, she is joined by the rest of the dinner party, who has been raving about this French restaurant that accepts crypto but refuses most major credit cards. Over a spread of roasted pears, comte ravioli, and crowded plates of buttered escargot, the team expresses their enthusiasm for DATA and discusses future collaborations.

It’s during talks about CMC products when Carylyne opens up the app again to showcase the plethora of market data, project information, and crypto tools packed into the interface. The brief demo is followed by slight exclamations and aha’s around the table. A few downloads later, the team inquires about Coinmarketcap’s highly sought-after historical data, which dates back to 2013. It turns out the historical data is available right in-app (did you find it?) and if needed, can be accessed through the API.

They ask the server for the bill, pay in crypto (of course), and say their goodbyes before departing. The evening has now reached an hour when many are winding down for bed. Carylyne stops by the quiet hotel bar, ordering a first-flush Darjeeling tea. She has some work to do, and this floral, light-bodied brew will serve her well in a second sprint. A quick calculation on the app’s currency converter shows her how much this highly-prized tea costs in Singaporean dollars. What’s the taste and price ratio verdict? It’s so worth it.

From the dimly-lit carpeted hall, she enters her hotel room and swiftly enters her workflow state. The clock displays 1:07am when her emails have been answered and meetings have been confirmed. She finally closes the laptop, draws the curtains and heads to bed, welcoming all the benefits of sleep. 

The CMC app is powered by the same IT that fuels the CoinMarketCap website, with no compromises in data. You can download our app by searching “coinmarketcap” in the Play and App stores, or head over to the site.

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