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Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority Approves State-of-the-Art Tokenized Real Estate Investment Product

CROWDLITOKEN AG pioneers and starts distribution of a digital bond – European retail investors benefit as well

For the first time in Europe, the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA) has approved the offering prospectus for a tokenized real estate investment product. 

CROWDLITOKEN AG is a pioneer for new financial innovations. Its Security Token Offering is now running in European countries, where qualified and retail investors are enabled to invest in first-class real estate in Europe. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has also confirmed that no special regulatory approval is needed to market this new class of digital assets in Switzerland.


Real estate investment is categorized as a highly sought-after financial objective. Unfortunately, this form of investment is particularly prohibitive, accessible only to the world’s most wealthy, who must be in possession of sufficient capital to allocate into real estate. CROWDLITOKEN AG is making preparations for its first class real-estate collection, where retail and qualified investors can purchase and gain fractional ownership rights. Previously, first class real estate has been exclusively reserved for those who qualify for financing substantial sums of money ($1,000,000 and higher). Investors in CROWDLITOKEN AG can leverage the expertise and CRT token platform to streamline investments into high value real estate.

An overhaul of how the real estate industry works has been long overdue. Luckily, due to the emergence of technological innovations and decentralized systems, a new way of investing in real estate has been born through the use of digital bonds.

CROWDLITOKEN AG, based in Triesen/Liechtenstein, is launching digital bonds in the form of security tokens that combine the advantages of direct and indirect real estate investments. Direct real estate investment involves financial management and potential ownership hurdles. Through security tokens, indirect real estate investments provide investors with exposure to the increasing value of real estate portfolios in exchange for their investment, without the elaborate procedure of maintaining full real estate ownership. CEO Domenic Kurt comments, “This represents an evolution in the world of financial products. New technologies are enabling us to launch a first-class product that not only offers new investment opportunities, but also remedies inefficiencies, cuts costs and safeguards transparency.”

The product is a digital representation of a subordinated bond, whereby the bond as well as the underlying real estate is digitised via blockchain. The token – called “CRT” – replicates the income streams and increasing value of the real estate properties. The CRT token uses a private fork of Ethereum, originally designed in Switzerland to comply with local financial exchange laws. CRT tokens represent both a payment method of CROWDLITOKEN’s real estate as well as fractional ownership of real estate portfolios.

There has been a stark contrast in the speed at which investors can acquire, trade, and sell real estate bonds, tokens, and ownership rights. The blockchain enables all of these functions to execute in a verifiable manner with no allowance for fraud or artificial inflation of value. CROWDLITOKEN AG is preparing to set the standard for blockchain-based real estate investing. 

Holders of CRT can select their properties to invest in and thereby tailor their own portfolio. They will benefit from an attractive yield of 5–7% p.a. The ability to invest small amounts in selected European real estate, easy tradability on highly liquid digital stock exchanges (in preparation) and the investment flexibility pose as key innovative features of this unique real estate investment product.

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CROWDLITOKEN AG is a Liechtenstein-based start-up that provides investors with access to European core real estate via blockchain technology. This is based on real estate-linked security tokens – termed “CRTs” – i.e. a digital representation of a bond that returns a yield equating to 5–7% p.a. CRTs are fully compliant and combine the advantages of direct and indirect real estate investments.

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