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CoinMarketCap’s First Global Crypto Conference is Free with Proof-of-Work

We know traveling for events can be extremely tiring. Plus, we’re not really passionate about high-priced entry tickets. As we’re in the process of planning for CoinMarketCap’s first global conference, we firmly believe that regardless of title or expertise, our users and the wider crypto community should be allowed to attend this event without encountering a price barrier! You can now put the money saved to good use, by booking your flight to meet us, or treating yourself to a snazzy hotel in Singapore. If you’ll already be roaming the sunny island-nation on November 12-13, feel free to enjoy the local culinary line up with other crypto lovers, and take part in exploring both the landscape and culture.

If you are reading this, consider yourself officially invited to The Capital, our inaugural Global Conference!

This fall, join us for an unforgettable experience where you’ll form global connections, gain insight on the state of crypto today, and partake in shaping its future. The Capital will be held at the gorgeous Victoria Theatre in Singapore, where YOU, the CMC team, and project leaders from all over the world come together and spend two days diving-deep into pressing crypto topics for our industry at the moment: liquidity and adoption. Our burning question for you is, “Will we see you there?” All we ask for in return is some Proof of Work! Read on for the reasons not to miss the event of the year!

Convergence at the Historic Hub

To create a conference suited for a wonderfully diverse community, we looked for ways to bring value to all attendees through education, new connections, and partnership opportunities. We made a choice to further challenge ourselves and re-imagine what a crypto conference could be for the entire spectrum of stakeholders. With a spirit of adventure, we made our way towards a hub enriched by history and productivity. One afternoon, a few CMC teammates walked the halls of a particular site and learned that the history of the property carries a striking momentum and sense of purpose that parallels what we envision The Capital should be. We’re extremely pleased to say that the Victoria Theatre, a town hall that housed momentous historical occasions is our selected venue this year!  

An Experiential Conference Designed for the Crypto Community 

The Capital is a transportable meeting point where the crypto community gathers each year to share and further its understanding of the industry, amid a rapidly-digitizing era. It was birthed from acknowledging the diversity of the crypto population and the sum of its collective efforts, which point towards progress and empowerment for the good. The Capital aims to host yearly gatherings in major cities throughout the world, imparting travelers with definitive outcomes that take them to the next level in their learning, cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives, as well as their social and business connections. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll experience at this year’s event! 

First-Time Appearances from Hidden Figures

The headline of the conference reveals two influential, yet generally hidden figures in the crypto/blockchain industry. Attendees get to witness an eye-opening dialogue between Brandon Chez, the founder of CoinMarketCap and Sunny King the creator of the consensus algorithm Proof of Stake and the founder of Primecoin, Peercoin and VSYS for the first time. Fun fact: Primecoin and Peercoin were two of the first six projects to be listed on CoinMarketCap in 2013 when we started!

Free Event Live Streaming with 125 Million Viewers

If there is no possibility that you can make your way to the Victoria Theatre, we’re bummed out about it, but have worked to bring the conference to you! Our main site will be live-streaming the CryptoBar that will report on-the-ground happenings, as well as showcase exclusive interviews.  

The First Large-Scale Crypto Unconference

Take the opportunity to participate in our UNconference sessions, where select speaker agendas are left blank for the community to vote and decide on topics that matter to them. We hope the discussions that take place on stage continue on between the participants and grow into something fruitful!

Crypto Influencers in the Flesh

Meet well-known YouTubers who will take the stage and report live from our crypto news desk, sharing highlights, interviewing projects, and hosting discussion sessions. Both Ivan (also known as IvanonTech) and Nicholas Merten (known as DataDash) will be playing a major role here. Who else will show up? If you spot someone you watch or follow, don’t be shy and say hello!

Gamification: Let’s Play!

When you register for the event and submit your Proof of Work (PoW) questions, you’ll be sorted into one of four crypto personas according to your responses, and receive a custom-designed pin to match. Everyone who manages to complete all activities by the end of the conference will receive an illustrated exclusive Non-Fungible Token (NFT) from CoinMarketCap. 

Rub Shoulders with Idols at the Lunch Reception and the Afterparty

For those interested in our full conference experience, we’ve put together a food and beverage experience to fuel you throughout the day, at a small cost of $199! Enjoy welcome refreshments, small bites and coffee breaks, and lunches that will satisfy the most demanding taste buds. This ticket also includes exclusive access to our after-party, where you’ll join other VIPs for drinks and quality conversations that freely flow. 

How to Reserve Your Seat at The Capital, Singapore

When is a good time to take action on this? We’re expecting tickets to run out really quickly before our event, so don’t delay! To reserve your slot at our inaugural global conference (red-plushy seat included), simply select your ticket where you’ll be prompted to answer 5 questions as your PoW for access. Sign-up right away, here!

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