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Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

– Lyndon B. Johnson

And just like that, we're in the final quarter of 2019. Gosh, time sure flies doesn't it?! Let's continue to push on so that we can enjoy the year-end festivities! 😄 



Today in history (1946), Mensa International was established in the U.K.. 



In today's newsletter, we will be covering Bittrex announcing a new trading platform based in Liechtenstein, Binance introducing a market maker program for high-volume users and Binance becoming Tron (TRX)’s top ‘Super Representative’ and adds TRX staking support. Also, in our 'Tutorial Tuesday' section, we have another well put together educational video by crypto educational content provider, Goodbit!



Please do not forget to answer the polls down below too! It's a great way to interact with you and hear what you have to say. 💭 Happy reading! 📚

Reflected off 🏀


Over the last 24 hours, total market capitalization rose from ~$217.6 billion to ~$222.9 billion, with most coins seeing gains in the ~2-7% range. 24-hour volume registered ~$60.2 billion in that time. 



BTC is currently trading at ~$8,385, up ~5.4% over yesterday. It seems that it bounced off the $8,000 support zone, which had significant buys in mid May to June when it broke to the upside of this zone. On the daily chart, the RSI is at ~30, still indicative of strong bearish momentum. 👀

Total Market Capitalizations

A clear approach 👀


Cryptocurrency trading platform Bittrex has revealed its new platform headquartered in Liechtenstein, Bittrex Global, due for release end-October in Vaduz.


The choice of location was influenced by Liechtenstein's regulatory clarity towards digital assets and blockchain technology. ⚙️


The platform intends to produce new products and features like private token sales in accordance with EU law, and a mobile app for trading digital currencies.

Booster 👐


Binance has introduced a market maker program for high-volume users with monthly trading volumes exceeding 1,000 Bitcoin's (BTC), or with the potential to reach such volumes, and have quality market making techniques. 


The program aims to deliver increased liquidity to the exchange. It is restricted to the trading platform's spot markets on a regularly updated "market maker pair list". 


Rival cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has also introduced its market maker program with incentives like lower transaction costs and trading fees.

Top dog 🥇


Binance has bought over 12 billion votes to become the Tron (TRX) ecosystem's top-ranking "Super Representative" (SR). 😎Blockchain community Sesameseed.org is now the second-largest SR, with Tron-based BeatzCoin in third place.


Additional support for TRX staking from 1 October follows the exchange's latest launch of committed staking services. 

Blockchain term of the day 🤓 - Software fork


A software fork, also known as a project fork, is when developers take the technology (source code) from one existing software project and modify it to create a new project. An example is Litecoin, which was a software fork of Bitcoin.

Tutorial Tuesday 🤓 - 'What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?'

In this week's Tutorial Tuesday, our friends over at Goodbit have created an educational video on 'What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?' Class is in session. Check it out here!

Special announcement 📢 - CoinMarketCap 'The Capital' Global Conference


So far, The Capital has 929 ticket reservations from North & South America, Africa, Oceana, Europe, and Asia!


Partake in the global discussion that is shaping crypto right now. Gain awareness of the factors that will influence the crypto and blockchain spheres in 2020. Meet your future crypto bff, land a partnership, and expand your social network - in person! 


Will you be our 930th?

Other news 📰


  • Digital asset trading platform Swiss Digital Exchange (SDX) seeks to start its initial digital offering (IDO) in 2020. 🏔️

  • Binance's U.S.-based arm Binance.US has opened account registration and authentication services for Puerto Rico residents. 🦅

  • Ripple buys over cryptocurrency trading business Algrim to expand into Iceland. 🇮🇸

Crypto calendar  📅


13 Oct     - U.S. SEC's decision on the Bitwise Asset Management's Bitcoin ETF application, under the NYSE Arca exchange (final decision)


TBA         - Justin Sun's lunch with Warren Buffett

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Poll of the Day

How much do you agree with this statement: "Binance has too much power in the space."

Why do you think so? Share with me in the polls! 😆 

What you said

"How much do you agree with this statement: "I believe we are not done with the bear run just yet.""



The average vote was 7.1. 

"Why or why not?"


Is time to buy!!! – Load em bags 🤑
Bitoin has breached 8000 and has broken down from the triangle. Most institutional buying does not register on exchanges so data on volume is incorrect and discourages retail investors. – OTC price does follow the spot price pretty closely.
I hope not, would like to top up on some alts before the next alt-cycle starts – I think only a small very handful of them will make it. Be careful! 👍
The long term trend has been negative for awhile. And the bias is also negative. Until there is an inflection point, I believe the trend will continue. – Makes sense. Think we've already seen that though.
It seems to be neutral or declining – Yeah, it does seem like we are gonna see some more downward pressure in the coming weeks. 😖
Impatience! Currently there’s no positivity in the markets. For every two steps forward there’s three back. It will change. – In due time… 😄
... until we get real news about antidotes to quantum computers hacking power. – Lol, have you ever considered that the good guys could also quantum computers to secure the network? I mean it makes more sense (more incentives) for them to do so and maintain the network. 🤔
am unable to decode the present market... i think we are out bear market & temporary correction.. price should stabilise around mid october. – I believe we are out of a bear market as well, but the possibility of another strong correction seems very possible.
Gut feeling – At times, you just gotta trust it.
I think It will take another three months before we 'take off'. – Hope to see you on the moon! 😄
Thank you all for reading! Catch you back here again tomorrow for your daily dose of crypto news! 💙

See you again tomorrow!

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