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Case Study: CoinMarketCap Drives Product Adoption for

Since inception in 2013, CoinMarketCap has become the world’s most used price-tracking source for retail users when comparing thousands of crypto assets.  

Today we have also grown to become the preferred business partner for renowned, respected brands with a daily reach of millions of users and highly targeted advertising solutions.

One of our favorite success stories is Read on to learn more!

Who Is is a platform that pioneers financial transactions in cryptocurrencies, working on real-life adoption in a relatively new industry despite the challenges. 

Its key mission is to make crypto more accessible and truly spendable for the public, positioning itself as a one-stop shop where people come to buy, sell and spend crypto. 

Today, has over 1 million users enrolled on its platform and continues to be a powerful alternative to traditional financial services. Here’s how they achieved that with advertising on CoinMarketCap.

The Challenge: Gain a Widespread, Dedicated User Base has a line of products that serve to empower and help the mainstream public become cryptocurrency users, including:

  • App, where users can easily buy, sell, store and track cryptocurrencies; 
  • The MCO Visa Card that lets customers spend their crypto globally; 
  • Pay with which users can pay and be paid in crypto.
The App
The MCO Visa Card by is the world’s first free metal crypto-linked Visa card, offering benefits such as 5% crypto cash back, alongside other rewards Pay enables businesses and customers to send and
receive cryptocurrency payments had two main business objectives in mind when it was looking for partners: 

  • To build awareness and drive interest towards each of its products; 
  • To attract highly-engaged users that would enable to reach a new level of business growth. 

Working With CoinMarketCap: High Quality Data and Maximum Exposure

Kris Marszalek, co-founder and CEO of, made the choice to use CoinMarketCap as a key advertising partner for its powerful data and analytics. 

“As end-users, the team comprehends the platform’s extensive reach, the high quality of data provided, and the strong trust that the crypto community has in CoinMarketCap,” said Marszalek.

To kick things off, leveraged a partnership via CoinMarketCap’s Button program — one of the best marketing returns-on-investment for today. 

CoinMarketCap’s Button program features relevant crypto resources such as Buy, Trade and Wallet, which appears on over 5,000 CoinMarketCap webpages.

The Results: A Click-Through-Rate That Went Through the Roof 

At the end of the year-round campaign, received several hundred thousand clicks via its Button program partnership alone. To further increase the campaign’s exposure, header banners were placed at the top of each page on CoinMarketCap.

The header banners achieved an average click-through-rate of 0.19%, and even hit a 0.27% click-through-rate, nine times higher than the industry standard!

 A header banner advertisement showcasing’s latest promotion on the CoinMarketCap website

These results are a strong testament to CoinMarketCap’s ability as a strong acquisition channel for, keeping the brand at the forefront of cryptocurrency consumers’ minds. 

In 2020, continues to work closely with CoinMarketCap, utilizing data insights from last year to begin a new advertising partnership for its newly launched exchange and its Syndicate Token Listing Events — all to further its mission in accelerating the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. 

“The positive brand association with CoinMarketCap and the ability to create highly targeted ads via their platform have been most effective for driving user acquisition and brand awareness.”

Kris Marszalek, Co-Founder & CEO of

Kris Marszalek, Co-Founder & CEO of

Kris Marszalek, Co-Founder & CEO of

Interested in learning how CoinMarketCap can drive success to your marketing campaigns and help reach your business goals? Contact us here today!

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