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From Trolls to Hodlers: Highlights From CMC Founder Brandon Chez’s AMA

Brandon Chez, the founder and CEO of CoinMarketCap, made a rare public-ish appearance online last week (without a mask and a cape this time, we assume) to answer questions for CMC’s first-ever AMA conducted via Twitter (#CMCAMA) and in the comments of Chez’s Crypto Titans interview.

In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of some of the best (and weirdest) questions.

You only get to ask Satoshi one question. What is the question?
-Mamba Forever

“Satoshi, what do you think of CoinMarketCap…?” (Nervous anticipation)

Favorite crypto meme?

It’s over 9000!!!!!

What’s your spirit animal, and why is it Jigglypuff? 😉?
-Lina Wong CY

I wish I could be as charming as Jigglypuff! I’m more like a Scyther.

What were some other naming considerations before you decided on “CoinMarketCap”?
-May not be trying to build another CMC

The original name for the project was “Crypto Cap.” I honestly don’t remember why it was changed, but likely for a simple reason like the domain name was already taken.

What’s your most significant epiphany since you started CMC?

There’s unlimited demand for people to create their own cryptocurrencies that fill specific niches and use cases. Ultimately, this is a good thing since it puts competitive pressure on other cryptocurrencies to innovate and better serve their target audiences.

What’s your favorite technology item you use at home? What about outside?

I actually don’t use much technology in my daily life outside of my desktop computer or cell phone. However, the Oculus Quest is very cool!

Hey Brandon, what’s your desert island book pick?
-Izabella Crawford

This is tough choice between “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card and a “Desert Island for Dummy’s” type of book.

Will BTC/ETH atomic swaps with privacy coins help increase the privacy of public blockchain and increase their real world usability?

Absolutely. If we can perfect atom swaps, we’ll be in a much greater position to utilize the features of other coins. There’s still too much friction to exchange coins.

Will CMC launch a token that people can buy? Some way that users can invest/support CMC & share in its growth/profits etc
– Matt (@Cyebit)

It’s a great idea. Unfortunately, the regulatory environment in the United States makes implementing this quite complicated. 😣

Has CMC ever faced any hacking attempts? If so, can you describe the most interesting?
– BJ Pirus (@BenjaminPirus)

CMC been DDoS’d several times in the early days but I’m happy to say that we’ve never been hacked.

How has the initial vision of CMC changed to today’s vision of the future?
– Miʞe (@23Michalis)

Originally it was to provide users the ability to obtain insight about the cryptocurrency markets at a glance. More recently, we’ve been expanding our focus beyond market data and into making CMC a comprehensive resource for the industry.

If you enjoyed reading this AMA with Brandon — there’s more where that came from! Check out Brandon’s first interview from CMC’s Crypto Titans series.

Molly Jane is a content manager at CoinMarketCap. Previously the head of news at Cointelegraph, she has also contributed to Decrypt and Modern Consensus. You can find her on Twitter at @MollyJZuckerman.

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