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CoinMarketCap Expands Ratings and On-chain Data on Site With New Partners

We just launched our on-site partnership with Crypto Briefing, TokenInsight and IntoTheBlock to provide data on cryptoasset ratings and on-chain analysis!

The aim is to provide a more holistic view on cryptoassets so that our users can make more informed investment decisions using fundamental analysis and going beyond price, volume and liquidity data.

“Our mission is to make crypto markets more efficient and discoverable. As unveiled during our keynote at The Capital by CoinMarketCap conference last November, we are excited to launch our partners’ content on our site to complement our users’ experience.”

Carylyne Chan, Chief Strategy Officer, CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap, Crypto Briefing, TokenInsight and IntoTheBlock all echoed the same sentiments for enabling the crypto and blockchain community with better information. 

Starting today, CoinMarketCap users can visit individual cryptoasset pages, and find the new content under the “Ratings” tab and “On-chain Analysis” tab.

Crypto Briefing’s rating metric analyzes dozens of fundamental factors to assess the investability and potential long-term profitability of crypto assets.

Crypto Briefing’s rating metric on CoinMarketCap’s Bitcoin page

TokenInsight’s rating metric scores the performance of the respective projects based on real-time financial data, on-chain metrics and developments in the community and technology. These metrics are available in addition to existing rating information from Flipside Crypto.

TokenInsight’s rating metric on CoinMarketCap’s Bitcoin page

CoinMarketCap users can dive into on-chain analytics provided by IntoTheBlock such as ownership concentration, the average time the asset is held by different investor profiles, and patterns of transaction activity, among other metrics. 

IntoTheBlock’s onchain analytics on CoinMarketCap’s Bitcoin page

We expect to bring on board more partners in the year ahead to continue providing more comprehensive analysis and points of view, in line with CoinMarketCap’s goal to help the crypto industry grow. (Just last quarter, CoinMarketCap launched its new Liquidity Metric to enable users to find the most liquid markets for trading!)

About Guen CMC

Guen was Marketing & Growth Manager at CoinMarketCap and is deeply interested in emerging industry opportunities and product innovation.

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