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3 Blockchain Productivity Tools for Remote Work in Times of COVID-19

The emergence of the coronavirus has left many of us struggling to recognize the world around us. One of the most notable side effects of the devastating pandemic is the global increase in workers swapping their office environments for the safety of working from home. 

While it’s long been forecast that more of us will begin to work from home more frequently, COVID-19 has inadvertently become the key driving force in pushing more companies to dabble in remote work sooner than they were anticipating. 

For many workers, the transition from the office to home represents something of a leap of faith from businesses. There are plenty of collaboration tools out there, but very few applications are perfect when it comes to securely communicating with colleagues and storing data. Fortunately, technology can be a significant help in driving the secure collaboration and social connections for which we’ve suddenly developed a need. One of the key players behind this is blockchain. 

At a time where we may crave safe communication with friends and family as a priority, blockchain can help us to socialize on a more secure level, too. With this in mind, let’s take a deeper look at some of the most significant applications that infuse blockchain with working from home capabilities and communication.

BitWage: Payment Facilitation Tool, Enabled by Blockchain

Screenshot: BitWage

BitWage is a bitcoin payroll and international wage payment platform that enables users to get paid in an efficient manner, regardless of where they are in the world, in alternative currencies and payment methods — whether those currencies relate to the likes of bitcoin or simply a local form of payment. 

The company has been operating since 2013, making them one of blockchain’s older institutions. Despite initially launching as a payment platform for employees and freelancers alike to receive their wages in bitcoin without needing employers to sign up, over time the platform has grown into an excellent service for all individuals embracing the working from home life. 

While traditional bank wires can take as long as two weeks to transfer overseas, with an array of fees to match, BitWage transfers are instant between clients and employees, no matter where they are — with no fees or limitations in sight. 

As more of us begin to engage with businesses in new ways while we’re tasked with working from home, BitWage stands as an excellent application for receiving your payments for various work — whether you’re a remote worker with a company or freelancer — no matter where you are, and in a faster manner than some traditional payment methods for employers. 

Blockchain-based apps like BitWage can be especially useful at a time of uncertainty where we could be dependent on receiving payments in as swift a manner as possible. Platforms like BitWage can also help workers to invest their money into a currency that they feel is more secure than many unpredictable cryptomarkets and could aid them in investing in stablecoins like Tether and DAI while the uncertainty alleviates.

ODIN.CHAT: Secure Messaging Platform, Encrypted Thanks to Blockchain

Image: Medium

It seems like there’s no shortage of messaging applications out there for friends and workers alike. However, there are few collaborative apps available that offer up the same levels of privacy as ODIN.CHAT.

Image: Statista

Now that many of us will be working, and indeed socializing, from home it’s never been more vital to look at the levels of privacy being afforded to you by your favorite messenger apps. With data breaches on a steady rise throughout the US and the world, we need to turn our attention to more secure ways of sharing information. 

Working from home means that you could be discussing highly sensitive information remotely with your colleagues. ODIN.CHAT ensures that you can share content, work or personal information with friends using the secure Obsidian Blockchain. 

Because it runs on a blockchain, all messages can be anonymous, fully encrypted and shared in confidence with only the people you intend to share your information with. 
The messenger app also carries its own built-in wallet — a feature made possible thanks to the secure nature of blockchain. ODIN.CHAT is available to download on Google Play.

Motive: Motivational Tool

Screenshot: Motive

Motive is a cryptocurrency that works in tandem with productivity app Kanbanote. Motive works as a tool for keeping workers motivated to perform their tasks despite being away from the work-based environment of their respective offices. 

By setting themselves tasks in Kanbanote, users can earn MOTIV coins for achieving a certain number of jobs being completed in one day.

Motive runs on its own proof-of-stake blockchain that’s based on NXT and is energy efficient due to the fact that no mining takes place. It’s also possible for Motive users to earn themselves extra rewards by staking the MOTIV coins they possess in their wallets. 

At a time when many of us are being challenged to maintain our productivity and social lives from home due to circumstances, it’s refreshing to see that blockchain is already delivering on some of its massive potential in order to help keep home workers motivated, sociable and better paid for their efforts. 

Coronavirus may have played a role in leaving our planet looking somewhat unfamiliar in the short-term, but we could yet emerge from these adverse times with a brand new understanding of what this powerful technology can do to help make life a little bit better connected.

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