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Case Study: CoinMarketCap Powers Nexo in Customer Acquisition

Since its inception in 2013, CoinMarketCap has become the world’s most used price-tracking source for retail users when comparing thousands of cryptoassets. Today we have also grown to become the preferred business partner for renowned, respected brands with a daily reach of millions of users and highly targeted advertising solutions. Read on to learn how we helped one of our clients Nexo achieve success!

What is Nexo?

When it began, Nexo had the ambition to transform the traditional financial sector by making decentralized financial technology services available to the public. It wanted to give users access to a seamless, cutting-edge experience which would ultimately increase the adoption of crypto and blockchain-backed tools.

Today, Nexo is recognized as a key provider of crypto-backed credit lines (Nexo’s Instant Crypto Credit Lines) and interest-earning services (their ‘Earn Interest’ product). The company has successfully introduced its brand to both retail and institutional clients in the industry, which has led to substantial growth in its user base and number of customers. Achieving this was a carefully calculated marketing journey that included, among many other approaches, Nexo’s very effective work with CoinMarketCap.

The Challenge: Amplify a Brand and Attract Users

With Nexo, users can borrow funds as well as earn interest on their crypto assets. Its Instant Crypto Credit Line allows clients to access cash in over 40 fiat currencies, at industry-leading interest rates starting from only 5.9% APR. 

Nexo approached CoinMarketCap for an advertising solution that would fulfill the following marketing objectives: to raise brand awareness, communicate its offerings in a highly engaging manner to a broader audience and gain more customers for its products.

Working With CoinMarketCap to Cast the Widest Net for High Impact

Teodora Atanasova and Yasen Damyanov of Nexo’s business development team were drawn to advertise on CoinMarketCap for the quality of its platform, citing it as “the go-to place to get prime information on the crypto market and blockchain space.” 

They added that “CoinMarketCap’s broad and highly-engaged audience already has their hands deep into crypto,” making it an ideal location to reach the largest cryptocurrency population on the internet. In partnership with Nexo, CoinMarketCap put together an advertising campaign utilizing highly-visible mobile and desktop banners, designed to capture attention and rapidly grow Nexo’s audience.

In addition, a Crypto Credit Button was displayed on every cryptocurrency page on CoinMarketCap to generate leads for Nexo’s Instant Crypto Credit Lines.

Site banners on CoinMarket’s desktop and mobile app allows brands to target at specific geographies to reach their desired customers.

The Results: Exceptional Click-Through Rate That Beat Industry Standard

From March to December 2019, Nexo’s desktop header banner on CoinMarketCap received over 45 million impressions and achieved an overall 0.19% click-through-rate. This is six times higher than the industry standard! 

CoinMarketCap’s header banner spans the top of every page of CoinMarketCap’s website. It reaches CoinMarketCap’s global audience and receives millions of impressions each week.

Nexo’s mobile banners on iOS and Android generated over 7 million impressions in November and December, with a click-through-rate as high as 1.70%, which exceeded CoinMarketCap’s already high-achieving average CTR of 1.50% for its app banners.

Last but not least, the Crypto Credit Button led to a skyrocketing interest of new leads for Nexo, right after the launch of the campaign. Through the Crypto Credit Button, Nexo grew its user base with a large proportion of sign-ups going on to convert or open crypto credit lines with Nexo. 

CoinMarketCap’s Button program features relevant crypto resources such as Buy and Crypto Credit which appears on over 5,000 CoinMarketCap webpages.

By tapping into CoinMarketCap’s user base, Nexo managed to reach a highly-relevant audience who shared a keen interest in crypto and blockchain services. The users it acquired through the advertising solutions were highly-engaged with its messaging.

“CoinMarketCap’s trailblazing marketing approach has offered the perfect means for us to let the community know about our offerings. It allowed us to augment our user base, amplify Nexo’s brand awareness and scale our customer acquisition.”

– Teodora Atanasova, Business Development and Investor Relations at

To find out how CoinMarketCap’s advertising products can meet your marketing objectives and boost your business, send us a message at!

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