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How to Crypto in Coronavirus Times, With the Help of the CoinMarketCap App

CoinMarketCap Crypto Mobile App

If you’ve joined the crypto community for more than a week, you might have realized that building, holding and educating in times of uncertainty such as the coronavirus period require brawn and grit. You might have also known that the properties of blockchain and the hopes of a decentralized future make enthusiasts more certain about crypto than ever before. None of us want crypto to go anywhere, but the truth is crypto isn’t leaving, it’s people who do. Here are some of our thoughts on how to prevent that.

Like the advice we’ve all heard about life jackets on airplanes, taking steps to secure your own adoption in crypto first is crucial. Remaining current in the space is what contributes to its permanence. The tools you pick up along the way just make the adventure that much smoother.

As a fully remote company from 2013, we know a few things about location-independent work. Staying on top of the latest in crypto has become an easier task lately — but only for those who have discovered the right resources. See how CMC can help you during these times with our (remote) jobs list, tips for maximizing productivity at home, and a killer crypto app.

Known as a crypto assistant, the CoinMarketCap app makes #lifewithcrypto not only more manageable but more enjoyable. Daily life today can seem so turbulent, so why not opt for something steady?

A User Experience as Smooth as Butter

To start, our app designers aimed for nothing less than a buttery-smooth experience so you’ll have easy access to parts of CoinMarketCap site that interest you. The UI and UX features seamlessly integrate with all lifestyles, from those in quarantine to the essential workers on the go (THANK YOU!). Starting with the ranking metrics of your choice, you can glance at crypto charts and prices while you pass through every corner of your apartment or house. We made sure you wouldn’t get caught up in non-intuitive processes that slow you down. 

Everything at Your Fingertips: News, Currency Conversion, Best and Worst Cryptos

Scroll through the latest crypto news as you have your daily coffee, browse our blog during afternoon tea, and get price alerts sent to while you’re sipping through your second glass of wine. Compare cryptos and fiat side by side, and discover the top “Gainers” and “Losers” by the week, hour or day.

By the Way, it Loads at Electric Speeds

The app loads lightning fast, and the data updates every minute. “Recently Added Coins” show the latest cryptos listed on CMC, and the watchlist lets you peek your favorite coins without any kind of commitment.

Need a bit of motivation to get your download on? From now until July 10, download the app in Android or the App Store, and register for an account to win a CMC x CoolBit Wallet (valued at $99)! Terms & conditions apply. Three winners will be announced on this blog post, and our social team will get in touch with you directly for more details.

The CoinMarketCap app is your crypto companion through the ups and downs we’re experiencing in modern times. We’re committed to staying current with the industry, upgrading our tools to help generate user-stickiness and support the maturing crypto landscape. Get it here!

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