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CoinMarketCap Launches Chat

As you may or may not have noticed, CoinMarketCap released a long-awaited logins function for its website this week. Users can now create accounts and keep their watchlists of favorite cryptos up-to-date, no matter what browser or device they are on.

But logging in to CoinMarketCap gives you more than the convenience of saving your watchlist — we are bringing together the CoinMarketCap community by giving them a chance to chat with each other, right on the website.

An Ephemeral Chatting Experience

Our chat is a bit more unique than a regular messenger like Telegram, WhatsApp or even Twitter. Each of the top 100 coins on CMC has its own channel — but there’s a catch. The channels will only open for discussion whenever there is a big enough price movement in either direction, and only for 24 hours.

Avoid FOMO — Coin Chats Are Open Only 24 Hours

Let’s say that Bitcoin rose more than 9% in 24 hours, finally breaking through that psychological $10,000 price point (don’t we all wish!). The Bitcoin channel will open up for exactly 24 hours, allowing anyone interested to join and start a conversation: you can share your theories about why Bitcoin is skyrocketing, offer some more in-depth technical analysis or just chat with like-minded individuals, all on the CMC website. 

At the 24-hour mark, the coin chat will then close, so don’t get stuck with that feeling of FOMO and chat as soon as you see a channel open up!

Constant Chatters Get an Outlet Too

However, for those of who don’t have a particular affinity for any one coin or want to chat around the clock, we will always keep a “To the Moon!” channel open for talk about anything and everything crypto. 

Don’t Forget to Log In

To start chatting, make sure you have a CMC account first. If you don’t, look in the upper righthand corner of our front page to create your CMC log in. Be creative in your username (but keep it PG!), as it is how all of your soon-to-be chatting buddies will see you: make that first impression count.

Our channels will soon contain more conversations than just between CMC users: we plan to hold AMAs with some of crypto’s greatest minds right in our chat, allowing coin founders and crypto developers to share their stories with the CMC community in a personal, immediate fashion.

In the future, expect live streams, TA analysis, more verified badges, CMC charts and more! And for now, let’s just get chatting.

Looking for other CMC products to serve your crypto needs? You can download our mobile app here, and read all about how it works right here on our blog!

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