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CoinMarketCap Launches Headlines

CoinMarketCap is pleased to announce the launch of the most updated version of Headlines, an aptly-named product that gathers all of the latest cryptocurrency and project headlines and puts them in one, easily accessible place for CMC users.

One hypothetical morning, you may go on CMC and see that your new favorite altcoin’s price is falling. Perhaps there’s some FUD news item that could have spooked investors? Head over to CMC’s Headlines to get a curated view of real-time updates from crypto’s top media outlets — including Coindesk, The Block, Bitcoinist and more — as well as signals directly from projects themselves, to do your own research!

At CMC, we aim to provide a 360 degree informational experience for each visitor researching a crypto asset. With Headlines, CMC is now able to give its users a look into the crypto headlines of the day, alongside crypto prices. (And for those that aren’t content just looking at the news, but want to talk about it, head over to CMC’s new Chat feature to talk with like-minded crypto individuals right on the CMC site).

In the future, Headlines will be adding more content across all mediums, from crypto YouTube channels to crypto podcasts, and even popular blogs.

In the crypto sphere, the more is always the merrier — crypto enthusiasts can now have access to all information about crypto, right as it happens, right on CMC.

Check out Headlines here 📰 ! Check out Chat here 📈📉 !

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