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CoinMarketCap Launches Alexandria: Learn All About Crypto in One Place

CoinMarketCap has long been known as the top spot for those interested in cryptocurrencies to find accurate and timely data about cryptoassets all in one place. However, CoinMarketCap has recently taken the step beyond its role as a leading data aggregator with the launch of CMC Alexandria, a similarly accurate, one-stop education platform for those interested in cryptocurrencies.

What Is CMC Alexandria?

CMC Alexandria is made up of several different ways to learn about crypto — we know that not everyone learns the same!

For those that just want the scoop on a new crypto term, they can head over to our glossary, where we stay up to date with host DeFi terms like “automated market maker (AMM)” and “liquidity provider.” If you want to know how to use a Bitcoin ATM, look at our “How-To Guides” section, if you are curious about what you can buy with Bitcoin, see our “Crypto Basics” — the list goes on! We even go into the nitty gritty with articles like “How Long Does It Take to Mine One Bitcoin,” (trick question, as you will see!) and “How Long Does a Bitcoin Transaction Take?”

For those that want a deeper dive into the technicals of the newest crypto fads, we also offer a more in-depth section of Tech Deep Dives.

Our Tech Deep Dives are written by both the research and editorial team at CMC, as well as by leading experts in certain fields. Camila Russo, former Bloomberg journalist turned author of the first book on the history of Ethereum, created our inaugural CMC Alexandria DeFi page, an exhaustive guide to how DeFi came about and the most important projects in the space today. Gerald Chee, our head of research, also goes deep into his experience battling wash trading and what he sees as the future of tracking real crypto volumes.

We also have some mores specific, but still important, deep dives into Bitcoin futures and what’s coming up for Ethereum 2.0.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always submit a topic or glossary term to us on Twitter. If our team thinks you’ve found something work investigating, we will include it in CMC Alexandria (and maybe even give you a thankful shoutout!).

CMC Alexandria — A Breath of Fresh Air in Crypto Education

CMC Alexandria is different from all of the other crypto education platforms out there, because we have taken an approach to learning drawn from the success of our iconic, yet simple, CMC homepage.

At CMC Alexandria, we know what you want — small, digestible chunks of information that you are able to quickly absorb before you move onto the next thing. The crypto space moves fast, and you need to be able to keep up! 

With this in mind, CMC Alexandria articles will not stretch your brain. They are accompanied by visuals that support the technical concepts, while the articles themselves are written in a fresh, light style that makes reading them a delight. 

Not all articles are written by our CMC editorial and research team. Some of the best minds in crypto have contributed their time and effort in explaining the tricky technical concepts that they have mastered, but in a way that you can understand.

These are just some of the ways that make CMC Alexandria stand out as a crypto education platform. We hope you will stick around to watch us grow, as we add more trading analysis, expert opinions and video content to CMC Alexandria in the near future!

Why “Alexandria”?

The Library of Alexandria was the world’s first known attempt to create a universal library, one place to store all of the knowledge that existed and could be collected at the time. In fact, the creators of the library once wrote that they wanted to “collect, if possible, all the books in the world.”

Since its inception, CoinMarketCap has had a similar goal of collecting all of the data about the cryptocurrency space and putting it in one, online location, so that anyone, anywhere can find out more about any particular cryptoasset they are interested in. However, while CMC contains an astonishing breadth of data about cryptocurrencies, it has not yet expanded to include the information that cryptocurrency users often need about how the space works, emerging new technologies and trends and what it all actually means in a real world situation.‍

With that in mind, CoinMarketCap decided to name their new educational portal after the great library of Alexandria.

While CMC Alexandria cannot claim to cover all of the existing knowledge of the cryptocurrency space, we are starting our online library with the same lofty goal of those original Library of Alexandria founders back in the second century BCE: “to collect, if possible, all of the information about cryptocurrency in the world.” 

Who We Are

Since CMC Alexandria launched in fall 2020, we’ve made it our mission to simplify complex crypto information and decisions for our readers, giving them the confidence to fully navigate and comprehend the complex world of cryptocurrency. 

Our millions of users come to us from all over the world and from all walks of life. Some are learning about cryptocurrency, want to join the hype and understand the value of blockchain for the first time, while others are experienced investors, business owners, professionals, traders, and executives looking to improve their knowledge and skills. No matter who they are, we are here to help.

📕 Check out CMC Alexandria here! 📕

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