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We’re Holding a Memecoin Contest: Show Us What You’ve Got!

We’ve seen the rise and fall of DeFi meme coins over the past few months —YAM 🍠, PASTA 🍝, SUSHI 🍣— new food-themed coins blow up on Twitter (and sometimes, blow up in price as well) faster than it takes to actually order and eat a plate of yams, pasta or sushi.

Going viral is hard — for every YAM that makes the headlines out there, there are one hundred POTATO 🥔 coins that never see the light of day. We at CoinMarketCap understand that feeling of FOMO, of wanting to create the next viral memecoin sensation — and that’s why we’ve created a memecoin competition for our users. We know you are smart, creative and way too tuned into the DeFi memecoin space to not know what it takes, so why not try out creating one of your own?

Bringing an idea to life, with the help of the CMC design team

IMPORTANT — before we provide you with instructions, remember that this is a contest to create a memecoin design, not a real coin with financial value. We ask our users to always do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency, and want to emphasize that this content is purely for entertainment purposes — the memecoins created as part of this contest are not intended to have real value, and CoinMarketCap is not responsible for any funds lost in this process should exchanges “list” any coin designs created in this event. It’s a meme contest, not an investment contest! 🙂

The Start to Finish Line

The winning memecoin will receive $300 worth of a DeFi token of their choice, so why not take a chance at designing a CMC memecoin?

In order to participate in CoinMarketCap’s memecoin competition, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Design your memecoin, get as creative as you want with the elements, colors, and graphics. Don’t forget to fill out the information on the template.
  • Upload your completed memecoin design on Twitter, promote the project by describing it to the crypto community. Tag @CoinMarketCap and include the hashtag #DefyDeFi

The competition will run for seven days, so let the creative thoughts begin! In order for your memecoin to win, you must receive the highest number of votes for your favorite memecoin design during the voting process. Voting will take place on a designated webpage that we will be announce via Twitter, once the memecoin submission period ends, September 15th 12PM UTC.

There, you’ll invite friends and social media acquaintances to vote for your eye-catching, inspirational memecoin graphic! The memecoin idea with the most votes will win a $300 prize, in their choice of a DeFi token — you might even see your coin idea making an appearance on our site!

We hope that by adding even more brevity to the already humorous space of DeFi memecoins, you will be able to learn more about doing your own research into new crypto fads, as well as get a feel for the pressure of coming up with a new, hot meme. 

For more information about the DeFi space on CoinMarketCap, check out our deep dive into DeFi by The Defiant here, or go to our DeFi ranking page here.

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