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Advertising in Crypto: How to Run a Successful Campaign on CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap, the most-viewed website in the cryptocurrency world, has long been known to have the most coveted digital real-estate for tech and crypto companies to unleash advertising campaigns that helps them meet their business goals.

If you want to run an advertising campaign on CoinMarketCap, that’s great news! So where should you start? First off, we’re the CoinMarketCap advertising team, and this is our guide with tips and tricks on how to advertise effectively in the cryptocurrency industry. We provide you with the areas you should consider when planning a successful campaign on CoinMarketCap.

Know Your Goals

The first question to ask yourself is, “what’s the main goal for your upcoming advertising campaign with CoinMarketCap?” A successful campaign starts with a clear picture of what you want to achieve with your campaign. Clearly define these goals with your team by setting realistic, quantifiable expectations. By the way, here’s our disclaimer up front: running campaigns on CoinMarketCap doesn’t guarantee your company will be launched into the stratosphere, though we certainly hope so! The results mean specific gains, like X number of new users have created accounts to use your product, your lifetime value of customers has increased by Y%, the number of site visits have risen to Z, or that you’re seeing a A% growth in brand awareness.

Keeping realistic and targeted expectations comes from proper goal setting. This will set the tone for your campaign and define success.

Know Your Audience

Before starting a campaign on CoinMarketCap, ask yourself if you have a clear understanding of your target audience. If you could create a few social media profiles of your users, what would their attributes and preferences be?

At CoinMarketCap, we offer high-level targeting by geography, device, or language, so you can hone in on your audience and deliver your ads to the most engaged prospects. 

Decide Your Budget

Let’s talk about money. It may not be easy to calculate an exact amount up front, but knowing your team’s yearly or quarterly budget set aside for advertising campaigns is essential. 

Providing the CoinMarketCap advertising team with your budget range will assist us with creating custom packages and make recommendations on targeted ad placements. We can also divide your budget across several placements to test different options and expand your company’s reach. 

We’re always happy to assist in making custom packages based on your price range, so don’t be shy in expressing your budget needs. 

Now that we have your goals, budget and audience squared away, let’s review your creatives, sorted by what you want to accomplish.

Raising Brand Awareness

If your team’s main objective is driving brand awareness, then the ultimate goal is to cast a wide net and reach all corners of our audience. To accomplish this, we’d recommend exploring a sponsored blog post, newsletter sponsorship or header banner campaign. 

Sponsored Blog Posts

CoinMarketCap’s blog is a perfect place to start if you’re hoping to drive brand recognition and educate users on your company or product suite. The blog is loaded with information and best of all, the articles won’t leave the site, allowing potential customers to reference your article for years to come. 

Effective blog posts contain relevant, original and quality content for readers to dive into. This content should be blockchain or crypto-related and we recommend adding clear value propositions to entice your audience to be hungry for more. Links scattered throughout the blog invite the readers to visit pages that are relevant to the content so they can continue learning (which also drives visitors to your site). We encourage you to read the articles we currently have on our blog, to get an idea of the content we normally publish. While CoinMarketCap does not take on the role as a content creator, we’re happy to deliver feedback on the copy created by your writers.

Sponsored Newsletter

Another option we recommend is running a newsletter sponsorship for our daily newsletter to drive brand awareness and invite users to explore your site further. In terms of our sponsored newsletter, we have hundreds of thousands of active readers engaging in our content each day. Our newsletter audience is broad and diverse, with readers across the globe who are dedicated to the crypto community and invested in crypto related news. We recommend sponsorships posts that are brief, catchy and have a clear call to action. As always, our team is happy to provide feedback and recommendations to make sure your posts are engaging and effective.

Header Banner

Getting maximum visibility for your ads is crucial in terms of increasing brand awareness. With CoinMarketCap’s header banner, we guarantee 100% worldwide exposure and display for website users over a 24 hour period. This exclusive placement provides a powerful opportunity to display your brand and any relevant offerings in our most premium locations. CoinMarketCap’s header banner is one of our most popular and premium ad placements on the site due to the ad location and our brand’s global recognition by users. Successful header banner campaigns have a catchy product offering/promotion, well-designed image files, and a clear call to action. This placement does tend to fill up quickly and is currently sold out for 2020, so please reach out directly if you’re interested in reserving the header banner for next year!

Increasing Conversions

Increasing conversations is all about understanding your target audience and honing into them like a laser beam. If you’re interested in increased conversions, then we’d recommend our mobile app banner, especially if you’re launching or have an existing mobile app already. The mobile app banner is specifically targeted for our users who are crypto enthusiasts on the go. Additionally, you can include a direct link to your app in the Google Play and App store to increase downloads. 

Mobile App Banner

Successful mobile app banner campaigns contain a clear and concise explanation of your company, as well as brief description of the service you provide. We recommend including a high quality image of your logo to increase brand awareness as well. We highly stress including a clear and effective call to action, such as “invest”, “install” or “act now.” The calls to action should prompt an immediate response and compel your audience to act.

Getting your goals squared away is step one. Once you’re clear on your objectives, we can explore how to plan for your campaign by identifying your target audience.

CPM Banners

The targeting options we offer are available with our CPM banners, offered on both desktop and mobile devices. Let’s say you own a trading platform that has the best success of converting users on desktop. We’d recommend exploring desktop-only targeting. Is your product or service only available in specific countries? We have the ability to target or exclude certain countries from your campaign at no additional cost. 

If the majority of your audience are iOS or Android users, we can concentrate on reaching mobile audiences. Lastly, if your website is only offered in select languages, we’d recommend using our language targeting option to ensure your ads are resonating with the proper audience. If you’re not too sure where to start, we’d recommend running a test campaign with us using a smaller budget to see if your audience is more likely to convert on desktop or on mobile. With a test campaign, we can trial multiple creatives and platforms to ensure your full budget campaign is set up for success. Successful CPM campaigns have identified their target audiences as well as the devices that their customers are most likely to drive conversions on.


How can you be sure your ads will land with our audience? Don’t stress. We have put together some recommendations and best practices for your ads. We recommend keeping your ads simple, with a clear value proposition and call to action. We always suggest using animation or using imagery on static ads with appropriate colors. This article also provides a deeper dive into more tips and tricks for banner ads.

A/B Testing

The most effective campaigns have multiple banners to test, which we refer to as A/B testing. This method works best if you’re looking to identify which banners and URLs are resonating with your audience, or if you’re interested in promoting multiple products. Should you choose to A/B test banners, we suggest really changing things up. Test out different colors, images and formats so you can have a better understanding of how your audience responds to the ads. We’ll assist in reviewing your campaign results with you to help identify which ads performed best.


Not only do we offer the ability to A/B test your banners, but we also offer them to be set to automatically optimize based on clickthrough rate. When banners are set to automatically optimize, we are able to run multiple sets of banners to increase visitor conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction by continually testing different combinations of ads. Once the highest performing ad is identified, we’ll automatically show that ad more frequently to your audience. This option is most effective when trying to understand which ads actually resonate with your target audience. If you’re interested in monitoring which advertisement gets the most clicks, we can track its range and gauge the success rate of the ad when setting it to automatically optimize. 

Let’s Get Started

We’ve thrown a lot at you, but now it’s time to get started. Work with your team to ensure you’re aligned on your campaign and once you’re ready to kick things off, you can fill out our form, or reach out to us for questions at Even if you’ve decided to advertise on a site other than CoinMarketCap, take these tips with you and apply them to any future campaign on any platform. We look forward to hearing from you!

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