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Revealed: Which of the 10 Biggest Cryptos Performed Best in November

One altcoin gained more than Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP combined.

November was a wild ride for the crypto markets — but which of the 10 biggest digital assets by market cap (excluding Tether) performed best?

Here’s our rundown of the top gainers… from lowest to highest!

10. Binance Coin — +6.2%

BNB held its own over the course of the month — hitting a 52-week high of $35.28 during November. This came as trading volumes on the exchange broke records thanks to the Bitcoin bull run.

9. Bitcoin Cash — +8.4%

Of the four cryptocurrencies that PayPal announced would be supported by its crypto service, BCH performed the worst. The drama and turmoil caused by a hard fork in the middle of the month certainly didn’t help matters.

8. Chainlink — +18.8%

Even though LINK was bested by several other major cryptocurrencies in November, it’s worth noting that this cryptocurrency has surged 651% since the start of the year — streets ahead of Bitcoin’s 152% gains over the same period.

7. Polkadot — +23.8%

A decent performance from DOT was helped by The Block Research showing that it is the most popular network when it comes to staking.

6. Bitcoin — +32.5%

Even though BTC dominated the column inches as it tore down several stubborn levels of resistance and neared all-time highs, it was outrun by several altcoins. Nonetheless, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency did secure a record monthly close.

5. Litecoin — +44%

LTC enjoyed healthy momentum throughout November — securing a new 52-week high of $93.58 — but the No. 5 cryptocurrency did cool off as the month drew to a close.

4. Ethereum — +48.5%

Although it’s firmly No. 2 to Bitcoin, Ether was given a much-needed boost over November and managed to end the month at $575. At one point, ETH also meaningfully broke the psychological barrier of $600 as excitement over the Ethereum beacon chain grew.

3. Cardano — +77.7%

Cardano’s impressive gains over November prompted some analysts to declare that “altseason” had begun as it comfortably outpaced BTC and ETH. All this comes as IOHK, the development company behind Cardano, unveils new upgrades.

2. XRP — +150%

XRP isn’t normally associated with sudden price surges, and analysts were taken by surprise when the world’s third-biggest cryptocurrency notched up triple-digit gains in the second half of November. At one point, a blip on Coinbase appeared to suggest that it hit $0.92 — almost four times higher than where it began the month.

1. Stellar — +322%

XLM was stellar by name and stellar by nature in November — topping the list of the biggest gainers among the top 10 cryptocurrencies. The gains, which took prices to highs not seen since 2018, came after a new protocol was implemented by validators.

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